[Libav-user] Decoding with limited CPU power

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 00:14:19 EEST 2020

Am So., 19. Apr. 2020 um 22:57 Uhr schrieb Simon Brown
<simon.k.brown at gmail.com>:
>> But the question was how you compiled FFmpeg.
>> > I tried skipping frames, but then it had too many errors
>> Can you reproduce these errors with ffmpeg (the command line interface)?
>> (Assuming you tested the skip_frame option)

> Thank you Carl, and apologies for misinterpreting your request.
> I compile FFmpeg using the default configure script and then make,
> with the following configure options:
> --disable-decoders --disable-encoders --enable-decoder=h264
> --enable-decoder=vc1 --enable-decoder=aac --enable-encoder=flv
> --disable-programs --enable-encoder=adpcm_swf
> --enable-ffmpeg

You can do --enable-decoder=aac,h264,vc1 to make the configure line more

> and then run "make" and "make install".
> I haven't tested the ffmpeg skip_frame option but will try that out tomorrow.
> Is there a way of enabling that option within C code and if so, where?  Is it
> a codec_context option or a read_frame option?
> I have manually got it to skip every other frame (and yes, I know this will skip
> I frames from time to time, and is not good), but at least I know the software
> keeps up and keeps displaying a picture.

libavcodec's skip_frame option works fine for h264 and vc1, I strongly suggest
that you don't try to reimplement it after testing with "ffmpeg" that it does
exactly what you need.

Carl Eugen

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