[Libav-user] Custom data in AVPacket or AVFrame

laddoe xyfix at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 09:51:23 EET 2022

>Also, you are still top posting. If you keep doing that, some people will not
> help you on principle.

Sorry guys, I wasn't aware of that at all, I had to look up on the net what this meant ....
"... Do not top post: Top posting is replying to a message on "top" of the quoted text of the previous correspondence. This is highly unwanted in mailing lists because it increases the size of the daily digests and is highly confusing and incoherent. By default, most email clients top post.... "

>Possibly try a newer version of ffmpeg. The coding support is fairly new.

That's something I'm going to try for sure, but if anyone can help me out please.. again sorry for not following the rules of the mailinglist. I hope this post is correct.

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