tests/audiogen.c File Reference

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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#define MAX_CHANNELS   8
#define FRAC_BITS   16
#define FRAC_ONE   (1 << FRAC_BITS)
#define COS_TABLE_BITS   7


static unsigned int myrnd (unsigned int *seed_ptr, int n)
static int int_cos (int a)
static void put_sample (int v)
int main (int argc, char **argv)


static const unsigned short cos_table [(1<< COS_TABLE_BITS)+2]
FILE * outfile

Define Documentation

#define COS_TABLE_BITS   7

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Definition at line 70 of file audiogen.c.

Referenced by int_cos().

#define FRAC_BITS   16

Definition at line 44 of file audiogen.c.

#define FRAC_ONE   (1 << FRAC_BITS)

Definition at line 45 of file audiogen.c.

#define MAX_CHANNELS   8

Definition at line 27 of file audiogen.c.

Function Documentation

static int int_cos ( int  a  )  [static]

Definition at line 72 of file audiogen.c.

Referenced by gen_image(), and main().

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 102 of file audiogen.c.

static unsigned int myrnd ( unsigned int *  seed_ptr,
int  n 
) [static]

Definition at line 29 of file audiogen.c.

Referenced by gen_image(), and main().

static void put_sample ( int  v  )  [static]

Definition at line 96 of file audiogen.c.

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Variable Documentation

const unsigned short cos_table[(1<< COS_TABLE_BITS)+2] [static]

Initial value:

    0x8000, 0x7ffe, 0x7ff6, 0x7fea, 0x7fd9, 0x7fc2, 0x7fa7, 0x7f87,
    0x7f62, 0x7f38, 0x7f0a, 0x7ed6, 0x7e9d, 0x7e60, 0x7e1e, 0x7dd6,
    0x7d8a, 0x7d3a, 0x7ce4, 0x7c89, 0x7c2a, 0x7bc6, 0x7b5d, 0x7aef,
    0x7a7d, 0x7a06, 0x798a, 0x790a, 0x7885, 0x77fb, 0x776c, 0x76d9,
    0x7642, 0x75a6, 0x7505, 0x7460, 0x73b6, 0x7308, 0x7255, 0x719e,
    0x70e3, 0x7023, 0x6f5f, 0x6e97, 0x6dca, 0x6cf9, 0x6c24, 0x6b4b,
    0x6a6e, 0x698c, 0x68a7, 0x67bd, 0x66d0, 0x65de, 0x64e9, 0x63ef,
    0x62f2, 0x61f1, 0x60ec, 0x5fe4, 0x5ed7, 0x5dc8, 0x5cb4, 0x5b9d,
    0x5a82, 0x5964, 0x5843, 0x571e, 0x55f6, 0x54ca, 0x539b, 0x5269,
    0x5134, 0x4ffb, 0x4ec0, 0x4d81, 0x4c40, 0x4afb, 0x49b4, 0x486a,
    0x471d, 0x45cd, 0x447b, 0x4326, 0x41ce, 0x4074, 0x3f17, 0x3db8,
    0x3c57, 0x3af3, 0x398d, 0x3825, 0x36ba, 0x354e, 0x33df, 0x326e,
    0x30fc, 0x2f87, 0x2e11, 0x2c99, 0x2b1f, 0x29a4, 0x2827, 0x26a8,
    0x2528, 0x23a7, 0x2224, 0x209f, 0x1f1a, 0x1d93, 0x1c0c, 0x1a83,
    0x18f9, 0x176e, 0x15e2, 0x1455, 0x12c8, 0x113a, 0x0fab, 0x0e1c,
    0x0c8c, 0x0afb, 0x096b, 0x07d9, 0x0648, 0x04b6, 0x0324, 0x0192,
    0x0000, 0x0000,

Definition at line 50 of file audiogen.c.

FILE* outfile

Definition at line 94 of file audiogen.c.

Referenced by audio_decode_example(), main(), and put_sample().

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