Not exported functions, for internal usage only. More...


#define FASTDIV(a, b)   ((a) / (b))


static av_const unsigned int ff_sqrt (unsigned int a)


const uint32_t ff_inverse [257]
const uint8_t ff_sqrt_tab [256]

Detailed Description

Not exported functions, for internal usage only.

Define Documentation

#define FASTDIV ( a,
 )     ((a) / (b))

Function Documentation

static av_const unsigned int ff_sqrt ( unsigned int  a  )  [inline, static]

Variable Documentation

const uint32_t ff_inverse[257]

Definition at line 26 of file inverse.c.

Referenced by dct_quantize_TMPL(), msmpeg4_pred_dc(), and vorbis_residue_decode_internal().

const uint8_t ff_sqrt_tab[256]

Definition at line 32 of file mathematics.c.

Referenced by ff_sqrt().

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