libavcodec/kbdwin.h File Reference

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#define FF_KBD_WINDOW_MAX   1024
 Maximum window size for ff_kbd_window_init.


void ff_kbd_window_init (float *window, float alpha, int n)
 Generate a Kaiser-Bessel Derived Window.

Define Documentation

#define FF_KBD_WINDOW_MAX   1024

Maximum window size for ff_kbd_window_init.

Definition at line 25 of file kbdwin.h.

Referenced by ff_kbd_window_init().

Function Documentation

void ff_kbd_window_init ( float *  window,
float  alpha,
int  n 

Generate a Kaiser-Bessel Derived Window.

window pointer to half window
alpha determines window shape
n size of half window, max FF_KBD_WINDOW_MAX

Definition at line 26 of file kbdwin.c.

Referenced by aac_decode_init(), ac3_decode_init(), dsp_init(), and ff_ac3_float_mdct_init().

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