libpostproc/postprocess.h File Reference

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#include "libavutil/avutil.h"
#include <inttypes.h>

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#define PP_QUALITY_MAX   6
#define QP_STORE_T   int8_t
#define PP_CPU_CAPS_MMX   0x80000000
#define PP_CPU_CAPS_MMX2   0x20000000
#define PP_CPU_CAPS_3DNOW   0x40000000
#define PP_CPU_CAPS_ALTIVEC   0x10000000
#define PP_FORMAT   0x00000008
#define PP_FORMAT_420   (0x00000011|PP_FORMAT)
#define PP_FORMAT_422   (0x00000001|PP_FORMAT)
#define PP_FORMAT_411   (0x00000002|PP_FORMAT)
#define PP_FORMAT_444   (0x00000000|PP_FORMAT)
#define PP_PICT_TYPE_QP2   0x00000010
 MPEG2 style QScale.


typedef void pp_context
typedef void pp_mode


unsigned postproc_version (void)
 Return the LIBPOSTPROC_VERSION_INT constant.
const char * postproc_configuration (void)
 Return the libpostproc build-time configuration.
const char * postproc_license (void)
 Return the libpostproc license.
void pp_postprocess (const uint8_t *src[3], const int srcStride[3], uint8_t *dst[3], const int dstStride[3], int horizontalSize, int verticalSize, const QP_STORE_T *QP_store, int QP_stride, pp_mode *mode, pp_context *ppContext, int pict_type)
pp_modepp_get_mode_by_name_and_quality (const char *name, int quality)
 Return a pp_mode or NULL if an error occurred.
void pp_free_mode (pp_mode *mode)
pp_contextpp_get_context (int width, int height, int flags)
void pp_free_context (pp_context *ppContext)


const char pp_help []
 a simple help text

Detailed Description

external postprocessing API

Definition in file postprocess.h.

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Definition at line 33 of file postprocess.h.


Definition at line 35 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by postproc_version().


Definition at line 34 of file postprocess.h.

#define PP_CPU_CAPS_3DNOW   0x40000000

Definition at line 101 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by postProcess().

#define PP_CPU_CAPS_ALTIVEC   0x10000000

Definition at line 102 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by postProcess().

#define PP_CPU_CAPS_MMX   0x80000000

Definition at line 99 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by postProcess().

#define PP_CPU_CAPS_MMX2   0x20000000

Definition at line 100 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by postProcess().

#define PP_FORMAT   0x00000008

Definition at line 104 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by pp_get_context().

#define PP_FORMAT_411   (0x00000002|PP_FORMAT)

Definition at line 107 of file postprocess.h.

#define PP_FORMAT_420   (0x00000011|PP_FORMAT)

Definition at line 105 of file postprocess.h.

#define PP_FORMAT_422   (0x00000001|PP_FORMAT)

Definition at line 106 of file postprocess.h.

#define PP_FORMAT_444   (0x00000000|PP_FORMAT)

Definition at line 108 of file postprocess.h.

#define PP_PICT_TYPE_QP2   0x00000010

MPEG2 style QScale.

Definition at line 110 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by pp_postprocess().

#define PP_QUALITY_MAX   6

Definition at line 63 of file postprocess.h.

#define QP_STORE_T   int8_t

Definition at line 65 of file postprocess.h.

Referenced by reallocBuffers().

Typedef Documentation

typedef void pp_context

Definition at line 69 of file postprocess.h.

typedef void pp_mode

Definition at line 70 of file postprocess.h.

Function Documentation

const char* postproc_configuration ( void   ) 

Return the libpostproc build-time configuration.

Definition at line 98 of file postprocess.c.

const char* postproc_license ( void   ) 

Return the libpostproc license.

Definition at line 103 of file postprocess.c.

unsigned postproc_version ( void   ) 

Return the LIBPOSTPROC_VERSION_INT constant.

Definition at line 92 of file postprocess.c.

void pp_free_context ( pp_context ppContext  ) 

Definition at line 957 of file postprocess.c.

void pp_free_mode ( pp_mode mode  ) 

Definition at line 892 of file postprocess.c.

pp_context* pp_get_context ( int  width,
int  height,
int  flags 

Definition at line 934 of file postprocess.c.

pp_mode* pp_get_mode_by_name_and_quality ( const char *  name,
int  quality 

Return a pp_mode or NULL if an error occurred.

name the string after "-pp" on the command line
quality a number from 0 to PP_QUALITY_MAX

Definition at line 717 of file postprocess.c.

void pp_postprocess ( const uint8_t *  src[3],
const int  srcStride[3],
uint8_t *  dst[3],
const int  dstStride[3],
int  horizontalSize,
int  verticalSize,
const QP_STORE_T *  QP_store,
int  QP_stride,
pp_mode mode,
pp_context ppContext,
int  pict_type 

Definition at line 978 of file postprocess.c.

Variable Documentation

const char pp_help[]

a simple help text

Definition at line 672 of file postprocess.c.

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