Float11 Struct Reference

G.726 11bit float. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t sign
 1bit sign
uint8_t exp
 4bit exponent
uint8_t mant
 6bit mantissa

Detailed Description

G.726 11bit float.

G.726 Standard uses rather odd 11bit floating point arithmentic for numerous occasions. It's a mistery to me why they did it this way instead of simply using 32bit integer arithmetic.

Definition at line 38 of file g726.c.

Field Documentation

uint8_t Float11::exp

4bit exponent

Definition at line 40 of file g726.c.

Referenced by i2f(), and mult().

uint8_t Float11::mant

6bit mantissa

Definition at line 41 of file g726.c.

Referenced by g726_reset(), i2f(), and mult().

uint8_t Float11::sign

1bit sign

Definition at line 39 of file g726.c.

Referenced by g726_decode(), i2f(), and mult().

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