AACContext Struct Reference

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#include <aac.h>

Public Member Functions

 DECLARE_ALIGNED_16 (float, buf_mdct[1024])

Data Fields

MPEG4AudioConfig m4ac
int is_saved
 Set if elements have stored overlap from previous frame.
DynamicRangeControl che_drc
enum ChannelPosition che_pos [4][MAX_ELEM_ID]
 channel element channel mapping with the first index as the first 4 raw data block types
ChannelElementche [4][MAX_ELEM_ID]
ChannelElementtag_che_map [4][MAX_ELEM_ID]
int tags_mapped
MDCTContext mdct
MDCTContext mdct_small
DSPContext dsp
int random_state
float * output_data [MAX_CHANNELS]
 Points to each element's 'ret' buffer (PCM output).
float add_bias
 offset for dsp.float_to_int16
float sf_scale
 Pre-scale for correct IMDCT and dsp.float_to_int16.
int sf_offset
 offset into pow2sf_tab as appropriate for dsp.float_to_int16
float temp [128]

Detailed Description

main AAC context

Definition at line 247 of file aac.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 253 of file aac.h.

Referenced by decode_extension_payload().

Set if elements have stored overlap from previous frame.

Definition at line 252 of file aac.h.

Referenced by aac_decode_frame().

float AACContext::temp[128]

Definition at line 294 of file aac.h.

Referenced by imdct_and_windowing().

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