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Atrac common header. More...

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void atrac_generate_tables (void)
 Generate common tables.
void atrac_iqmf (float *inlo, float *inhi, unsigned int nIn, float *pOut, float *delayBuf, float *temp)
 Quadrature mirror synthesis filter.


float ff_atrac_sf_table [64]

Detailed Description

Atrac common header.

Definition in file atrac.h.

Function Documentation

void atrac_generate_tables ( void   ) 

Generate common tables.

Definition at line 51 of file atrac.c.

Referenced by atrac1_decode_init(), and atrac3_decode_init().

void atrac_iqmf ( float *  inlo,
float *  inhi,
unsigned int  nIn,
float *  pOut,
float *  delayBuf,
float *  temp 

Quadrature mirror synthesis filter.

inlo lower part of spectrum
inhi higher part of spectrum
nIn size of spectrum buffer
pOut out buffer
delayBuf delayBuf buffer
temp temp buffer

Definition at line 82 of file atrac.c.

Referenced by at1_subband_synthesis(), and decodeFrame().

Variable Documentation

float ff_atrac_sf_table[64]

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