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enum  AVLangCodespace { AV_LANG_ISO639_2_BIBL, AV_LANG_ISO639_2_TERM, AV_LANG_ISO639_1 }
 Known language codespaces. More...


const char * av_convert_lang_to (const char *lang, enum AVLangCodespace target_codespace)
 Convert a language code to a target codespace.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Known language codespaces.

AV_LANG_ISO639_2_TERM  3-char bibliographic language codes as per ISO-IEC 639-2
AV_LANG_ISO639_1  3-char terminologic language codes as per ISO-IEC 639-2

2-char code of language as per ISO/IEC 639-1

Definition at line 27 of file avlanguage.h.

Function Documentation

const char* av_convert_lang_to ( const char *  lang,
enum AVLangCodespace  target_codespace 

Convert a language code to a target codespace.

The source codespace is guessed.

NULL if the provided lang is null or invalid.

Definition at line 736 of file avlanguage.c.

Referenced by asf_read_header(), av_convert_lang_to(), and mkv_write_simpletag().

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