libavfilter/libmpcodecs/cpudetect.h File Reference

#include "libavutil/x86_cpu.h"

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Data Structures

struct  cpucaps_s


#define CPUTYPE_I386   3
#define CPUTYPE_I486   4
#define CPUTYPE_I586   5
#define CPUTYPE_I686   6


typedef struct cpucaps_s CpuCaps


void do_cpuid (unsigned int ax, unsigned int *p)
void GetCpuCaps (CpuCaps *caps)
char * GetCpuFriendlyName (unsigned int regs[], unsigned int regs2[])


CpuCaps gCpuCaps

Define Documentation

#define CPUTYPE_I386   3

Definition at line 24 of file cpudetect.h.

#define CPUTYPE_I486   4

Definition at line 25 of file cpudetect.h.

#define CPUTYPE_I586   5

Definition at line 26 of file cpudetect.h.

#define CPUTYPE_I686   6

Definition at line 27 of file cpudetect.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct cpucaps_s CpuCaps

Function Documentation

void do_cpuid ( unsigned int  ax,
unsigned int *  p 

void GetCpuCaps ( CpuCaps caps  ) 

char* GetCpuFriendlyName ( unsigned int  regs[],
unsigned int  regs2[] 

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 288 of file vf_mp.c.

Referenced by check_values(), init_pullup(), put_image(), and vf_open().

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