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#define MAX_ABS   (512 >> (SCALE_OFFSET>0 ? SCALE_OFFSET : 0))


static int try_8x8basis_TMPL (int16_t rem[64], int16_t weight[64], int16_t basis[64], int scale)
static void add_8x8basis_TMPL (int16_t rem[64], int16_t basis[64], int scale)

Define Documentation

#define MAX_ABS   (512 >> (SCALE_OFFSET>0 ? SCALE_OFFSET : 0))

Definition at line 25 of file dsputil_mmx_qns_template.c.

Referenced by add_8x8basis_TMPL(), and try_8x8basis_TMPL().

Function Documentation

static void add_8x8basis_TMPL ( int16_t  rem[64],
int16_t  basis[64],
int  scale 
) [static]

Definition at line 69 of file dsputil_mmx_qns_template.c.

static int try_8x8basis_TMPL ( int16_t  rem[64],
int16_t  weight[64],
int16_t  basis[64],
int  scale 
) [static]

Definition at line 27 of file dsputil_mmx_qns_template.c.

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