libavcodec/eac3enc.c File Reference

E-AC-3 encoder. More...

#include "ac3enc.h"
#include "eac3enc.h"
#include "ac3enc_opts_template.c"

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void ff_eac3_set_cpl_states (AC3EncodeContext *s)
 Set coupling states.
void ff_eac3_output_frame_header (AC3EncodeContext *s)
 Write the E-AC-3 frame header to the output bitstream.


static AVClass eac3enc_class

Detailed Description

E-AC-3 encoder.

Definition in file eac3enc.c.

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Definition at line 32 of file eac3enc.c.


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Function Documentation

void ff_eac3_output_frame_header ( AC3EncodeContext s  ) 

Write the E-AC-3 frame header to the output bitstream.

Definition at line 71 of file eac3enc.c.

Referenced by ff_ac3_encode_init().

void ff_eac3_set_cpl_states ( AC3EncodeContext s  ) 

Set coupling states.

This determines whether certain flags must be written to the bitstream or whether they will be implicitly already known by the decoder.

Definition at line 38 of file eac3enc.c.

Referenced by apply_channel_coupling().

Variable Documentation

Initial value:

 { "E-AC-3 Encoder", av_default_item_name,
                                 eac3_options, LIBAVUTIL_VERSION_INT }

Definition at line 34 of file eac3enc.c.

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