libavcodec/rle.h File Reference

#include <stdint.h>

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int ff_rle_encode (uint8_t *outbuf, int out_size, const uint8_t *inbuf, int bpp, int w, int add_rep, int xor_rep, int add_raw, int xor_raw)
 RLE compress the row, with maximum size of out_size.

Function Documentation

int ff_rle_encode ( uint8_t *  outbuf,
int  out_size,
const uint8_t *  inbuf,
int  bpp,
int  w,
int  add_rep,
int  xor_rep,
int  add_raw,
int  xor_raw 

RLE compress the row, with maximum size of out_size.

Value before repeated bytes is (count ^ xor_rep) + add_rep. Value before raw bytes is (count ^ xor_raw) + add_raw.

outbuf Output buffer
out_size Maximum output size
inbuf Input buffer
bpp Bytes per pixel
w Image width
Size of output in bytes, or -1 if larger than out_size

Definition at line 57 of file rle.c.

Referenced by encode_frame(), encode_strip(), and targa_encode_rle().

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