libavformat/spdif.h File Reference

#include <stdint.h>

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#define SYNCWORD1   0xF872
#define SYNCWORD2   0x4E1F
#define BURST_HEADER_SIZE   0x8


enum  IEC61937DataType {
  IEC61937_AC3 = 0x01, IEC61937_MPEG1_LAYER1 = 0x04, IEC61937_MPEG1_LAYER23 = 0x05, IEC61937_MPEG2_EXT = 0x06,
  IEC61937_MPEG2_AAC = 0x07, IEC61937_MPEG2_LAYER1_LSF = 0x08, IEC61937_MPEG2_LAYER2_LSF = 0x09, IEC61937_MPEG2_LAYER3_LSF = 0x0A,
  IEC61937_DTS1 = 0x0B, IEC61937_DTS2 = 0x0C, IEC61937_DTS3 = 0x0D, IEC61937_ATRAC = 0x0E,
  IEC61937_ATRAC3 = 0x0F, IEC61937_ATRACX = 0x10, IEC61937_DTSHD = 0x11, IEC61937_WMAPRO = 0x12,
  IEC61937_MPEG2_AAC_LSF_2048 = 0x13, IEC61937_MPEG2_AAC_LSF_4096 = 0x13 | 0x20, IEC61937_EAC3 = 0x15, IEC61937_TRUEHD = 0x16


void ff_spdif_bswap_buf16 (uint16_t *dst, const uint16_t *src, int w)


static const uint16_t spdif_mpeg_pkt_offset [2][3]

Define Documentation

#define BURST_HEADER_SIZE   0x8

#define SYNCWORD1   0xF872

Definition at line 27 of file spdif.h.

Referenced by spdif_probe(), spdif_read_packet(), and spdif_write_packet().

#define SYNCWORD2   0x4E1F

Definition at line 28 of file spdif.h.

Referenced by spdif_probe(), spdif_read_packet(), and spdif_write_packet().

Enumeration Type Documentation

IEC61937_AC3  AC-3 data.
IEC61937_MPEG1_LAYER1  MPEG-1 layer 1.
IEC61937_MPEG1_LAYER23  MPEG-1 layer 2 or 3 data or MPEG-2 without extension.
IEC61937_MPEG2_EXT  MPEG-2 data with extension.
IEC61937_MPEG2_LAYER1_LSF  MPEG-2, layer-1 low sampling frequency.
IEC61937_MPEG2_LAYER2_LSF  MPEG-2, layer-2 low sampling frequency.
IEC61937_MPEG2_LAYER3_LSF  MPEG-2, layer-3 low sampling frequency.
IEC61937_DTS1  DTS type I (512 samples).
IEC61937_DTS2  DTS type II (1024 samples).
IEC61937_DTS3  DTS type III (2048 samples).
IEC61937_ATRAC  Atrac data.
IEC61937_ATRAC3  Atrac 3 data.
IEC61937_ATRACX  Atrac 3 plus data.
IEC61937_DTSHD  DTS HD data.
IEC61937_WMAPRO  WMA 9 Professional data.
IEC61937_MPEG2_AAC_LSF_2048  MPEG-2 AAC ADTS half-rate low sampling frequency.
IEC61937_MPEG2_AAC_LSF_4096  MPEG-2 AAC ADTS quarter-rate low sampling frequency.
IEC61937_EAC3  E-AC-3 data.
IEC61937_TRUEHD  TrueHD data.

Definition at line 31 of file spdif.h.

Function Documentation

void ff_spdif_bswap_buf16 ( uint16_t *  dst,
const uint16_t *  src,
int  w 

Definition at line 26 of file spdif.c.

Referenced by spdif_read_packet(), and spdif_write_packet().

Variable Documentation

const uint16_t spdif_mpeg_pkt_offset[2][3] [static]

Initial value:

    { 3072,    9216,   4608 }, 
    { 1536,    4608,   4608 }, 

Definition at line 54 of file spdif.h.

Referenced by spdif_get_offset_and_codec(), and spdif_header_mpeg().

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