libavcodec/vorbis.h File Reference

#include "avcodec.h"

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Data Structures

struct  vorbis_floor1_entry


#define ilog(i)   av_log2(2*(i))


void ff_vorbis_ready_floor1_list (vorbis_floor1_entry *list, int values)
unsigned int ff_vorbis_nth_root (unsigned int x, unsigned int n)
int ff_vorbis_len2vlc (uint8_t *bits, uint32_t *codes, unsigned num)
void ff_vorbis_floor1_render_list (vorbis_floor1_entry *list, int values, uint16_t *y_list, int *flag, int multiplier, float *out, int samples)
void vorbis_inverse_coupling (float *mag, float *ang, int blocksize)


const float ff_vorbis_floor1_inverse_db_table [256]
const float *const ff_vorbis_vwin [8]
const uint8_t ff_vorbis_channel_layout_offsets [8][8]
const uint8_t ff_vorbis_encoding_channel_layout_offsets [8][8]
const int64_t ff_vorbis_channel_layouts [9]

Define Documentation

#define ilog (  )     av_log2(2*(i))

Function Documentation

void ff_vorbis_floor1_render_list ( vorbis_floor1_entry list,
int  values,
uint16_t *  y_list,
int *  flag,
int  multiplier,
float *  out,
int  samples 

Definition at line 203 of file vorbis.c.

Referenced by floor_encode(), and vorbis_floor1_decode().

int ff_vorbis_len2vlc ( uint8_t *  bits,
uint32_t *  codes,
unsigned  num 

Definition at line 51 of file vorbis.c.

Referenced by ready_codebook(), and vorbis_parse_setup_hdr_codebooks().

unsigned int ff_vorbis_nth_root ( unsigned int  x,
unsigned int  n 

Definition at line 33 of file vorbis.c.

Referenced by cb_lookup_vals(), and vorbis_parse_setup_hdr_codebooks().

void ff_vorbis_ready_floor1_list ( vorbis_floor1_entry list,
int  values 

Definition at line 120 of file vorbis.c.

Referenced by create_vorbis_context(), and vorbis_parse_setup_hdr_floors().

void vorbis_inverse_coupling ( float *  mag,
float *  ang,
int  blocksize 

Definition at line 1438 of file vorbisdec.c.

Referenced by dsputil_init().

Variable Documentation

const uint8_t ff_vorbis_channel_layout_offsets[8][8]

Definition at line 25 of file vorbis_data.c.

Referenced by vorbis_decode_frame().

const int64_t ff_vorbis_channel_layouts[9]

Definition at line 47 of file vorbis_data.c.

Referenced by ff_flac_decode_frame_header(), and vorbis_decode_init().

Definition at line 36 of file vorbis_data.c.

Referenced by oggvorbis_encode_frame().

Definition at line 2123 of file vorbis_data.c.

Referenced by floor_fit(), render_line(), and render_line_unrolled().

const float* const ff_vorbis_vwin[8]

Definition at line 2190 of file vorbis_data.c.

Referenced by create_vorbis_context(), and vorbis_parse_id_hdr().

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