Deprecated List

Global AVCodecContext::cqp
use 'cqp' libx264 private option

Global AVCodecContext::crf
use 'crf' libx264 private option

Global AVCodecContext::drc_scale
use AC3 decoder private option instead.

Global AVCodecContext::internal_buffer
this field was moved to an internal context

Global AVCodecContext::internal_buffer_count
this field was moved to an internal context

Global AVCodecContext::is_copy
this field has been moved to an internal context

Global AVCodecContext::reordered_opaque
in favor of pkt_pts
  • encoding: unused
  • decoding: Set by user.

Global AVCodecContext::request_channels
Deprecated in favor of request_channel_layout.

Global AVFormatContext::loop_input
, use the 'loop' img2 demuxer private option.

Global AVFormatContext::loop_output
use the 'loop' private option in the gif muxer.

Global AVFormatContext::timestamp
use 'creation_time' metadata tag instead

Global AVFrame::reordered_opaque
in favor of pkt_pts
  • encoding: unused
  • decoding: Read by user.

Class AVPaletteControl
Use AVPacket to send palette changes instead. This is totally broken.

Class URLContext
This struct will be made private

Class URLProtocol
This struct is to be made private. Use the higher-level AVIOContext-based API instead.

Global avcodec_channel_layout_num_channels
Use av_get_channel_layout_nb_channels() instead.

Global avcodec_get_channel_layout
Use av_get_channel_layout() instead.

Global avcodec_get_channel_layout_string
Use av_get_channel_layout_string() instead.

Global avcodec_get_sample_fmt
Use av_get_sample_fmt() instead.

Global avcodec_get_sample_fmt_name
Use av_get_sample_fmt_name() instead.

Global avcodec_sample_fmt_string
Use av_get_sample_fmt_string() instead.

Global av_destruct_packet_nofree
use NULL instead

Global av_get_bits_per_sample_format
Use av_get_bytes_per_sample() instead.

Global av_get_pict_type_char
Use av_get_picture_type_char() instead.

Global av_parser_change
use AVBitstreamFilter

Global avcodec_alloc_context
use avcodec_alloc_context3()

Global avcodec_decode_audio3
Use avcodec_decode_audio4 instead.

Global avcodec_get_context_defaults
use avcodec_get_context_defaults3

Global avcodec_get_pix_fmt_name
Deprecated in favor of av_get_pix_fmt_name().

Global avcodec_init
this function is called automatically from avcodec_register() and avcodec_register_all(), there is no need to call it manually

Global avcodec_open
use avcodec_open2

Global avcodec_thread_init
Set s->thread_count before calling avcodec_open2() instead of calling this.

Global av_set_parameters
pass the options to avformat_write_header directly.

Global av_set_pts_info
this function is not supposed to be called outside of lavf

Global avformat_alloc_output_context
deprecated in favor of avformat_alloc_output_context2()

Global dump_format
Deprecated in favor of av_dump_format().

Global find_info_tag
use av_find_info_tag in libavutil instead.

Global parse_date
in favor of av_parse_time()

Global sws_getContext
Use sws_getCachedContext() instead.

Global avfilter_all_formats
Use avfilter_make_all_formats() instead.

Global av_vsink_buffer_get_video_buffer_ref
Use av_buffersink_get_buffer_ref() instead.

Global avio_set_interrupt_cb
Use interrupt_callback in AVFormatContext/avio_open2 instead.

Global url_exist
Use avio_check instead.

Global get_strz
use avio_get_str instead

Global url_fget_max_packet_size
use AVIOContext.max_packet_size directly.

Global url_is_streamed
Use AVIOContext.seekable field directly.

File dict.h
AVDictionary is provided for compatibility with libav. It is both in implementation as well as API inefficient. It does not scale and is extremely slow with large dictionaries. It is recommended that new code uses our tree container from tree.c/h where applicable, which uses AVL trees to achieve O(log n) performance.

Global av_eval_expr
Deprecated in favor of av_expr_eval().

Global av_free_expr
Deprecated in favor of av_expr_free().

Global av_parse_and_eval_expr
Deprecated in favor of av_expr_parse_and_eval().

Global av_parse_expr
Deprecated in favor of av_expr_parse().

Global av_fifo_peek
Use av_fifo_peek2() instead.

Global av_get_bits_per_sample_fmt
Use av_get_bytes_per_sample() instead.

Global av_close_input_file
use avformat_close_input() Close a media file (but not its codecs).

Global av_find_stream_info
use avformat_find_stream_info.

Global av_open_input_file
use avformat_open_input instead.

Global av_open_input_stream
use avformat_open_input instead.

Global av_write_header
use avformat_write_header.

Global av_find_opt
use av_opt_find.

Global av_set_string3
use av_opt_set()

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