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dict.c File Reference
#include <string.h>
#include "avstring.h"
#include "dict.h"
#include "internal.h"
#include "mem.h"

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Data Structures

struct  AVDictionary


int av_dict_count (const AVDictionary *m)
 Get number of entries in dictionary.
AVDictionaryEntryav_dict_get (AVDictionary *m, const char *key, const AVDictionaryEntry *prev, int flags)
 Get a dictionary entry with matching key.
int av_dict_set (AVDictionary **pm, const char *key, const char *value, int flags)
 Set the given entry in *pm, overwriting an existing entry.
static int parse_key_value_pair (AVDictionary **pm, const char **buf, const char *key_val_sep, const char *pairs_sep, int flags)
int av_dict_parse_string (AVDictionary **pm, const char *str, const char *key_val_sep, const char *pairs_sep, int flags)
 Parse the key/value pairs list and add to a dictionary.
void av_dict_free (AVDictionary **pm)
 Free all the memory allocated for an AVDictionary struct and all keys and values.
void av_dict_copy (AVDictionary **dst, AVDictionary *src, int flags)
 Copy entries from one AVDictionary struct into another.

Function Documentation

static int parse_key_value_pair ( AVDictionary **  pm,
const char **  buf,
const char *  key_val_sep,
const char *  pairs_sep,
int  flags 

Definition at line 115 of file dict.c.

Referenced by av_dict_parse_string().