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examples Directory Reference


file  avio_list_dir.c [code]
file  avio_reading.c [code]
 libavformat AVIOContext API example.
file  decoding_encoding.c [code]
 libavcodec API use example.
file  demuxing_decoding.c [code]
 Demuxing and decoding example.
file  extract_mvs.c [code]
file  filter_audio.c [code]
 libavfilter API usage example.
file  filtering_audio.c [code]
 API example for audio decoding and filtering.
file  filtering_video.c [code]
 API example for decoding and filtering.
file  muxing.c [code]
 libavformat API example.
file  qsvdec.c [code]
 Intel QSV-accelerated H.264 decoding example.
file  remuxing.c [code]
 libavformat/libavcodec demuxing and muxing API example.
file  resampling_audio.c [code]
file  scaling_video.c [code]
 libswscale API use example.
file  transcode_aac.c [code]
 simple audio converter
file  transcoding.c [code]
 API example for demuxing, decoding, filtering, encoding and muxing.