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Data Fields
CUVIDH264PICPARAMS Struct Reference

#include <cuviddec.h>

Data Fields

int log2_max_frame_num_minus4
int pic_order_cnt_type
int log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4
int delta_pic_order_always_zero_flag
int frame_mbs_only_flag
int direct_8x8_inference_flag
int num_ref_frames
unsigned char residual_colour_transform_flag
unsigned char bit_depth_luma_minus8
unsigned char bit_depth_chroma_minus8
unsigned char qpprime_y_zero_transform_bypass_flag
int entropy_coding_mode_flag
int pic_order_present_flag
int num_ref_idx_l0_active_minus1
int num_ref_idx_l1_active_minus1
int weighted_pred_flag
int weighted_bipred_idc
int pic_init_qp_minus26
int deblocking_filter_control_present_flag
int redundant_pic_cnt_present_flag
int transform_8x8_mode_flag
int MbaffFrameFlag
int constrained_intra_pred_flag
int chroma_qp_index_offset
int second_chroma_qp_index_offset
int ref_pic_flag
int frame_num
int CurrFieldOrderCnt [2]
unsigned char WeightScale4x4 [6][16]
unsigned char WeightScale8x8 [2][64]
unsigned char fmo_aso_enable
unsigned char num_slice_groups_minus1
unsigned char slice_group_map_type
signed char pic_init_qs_minus26
unsigned int slice_group_change_rate_minus1
union {
   unsigned long long   slice_group_map_addr
   const unsigned char *   pMb2SliceGroupMap
unsigned int Reserved [12]
union {
   CUVIDH264MVCEXT   mvcext
   CUVIDH264SVCEXT   svcext

Detailed Description

H.264 Picture Parameters

Definition at line 243 of file cuviddec.h.

Field Documentation

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::log2_max_frame_num_minus4

Definition at line 246 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::pic_order_cnt_type

Definition at line 247 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4

Definition at line 248 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::delta_pic_order_always_zero_flag

Definition at line 249 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::frame_mbs_only_flag

Definition at line 250 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::direct_8x8_inference_flag

Definition at line 251 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::num_ref_frames

Definition at line 252 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::residual_colour_transform_flag

Definition at line 253 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::bit_depth_luma_minus8

Definition at line 254 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::bit_depth_chroma_minus8

Definition at line 255 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::qpprime_y_zero_transform_bypass_flag

Definition at line 256 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::entropy_coding_mode_flag

Definition at line 258 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::pic_order_present_flag

Definition at line 259 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::num_ref_idx_l0_active_minus1

Definition at line 260 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::num_ref_idx_l1_active_minus1

Definition at line 261 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::weighted_pred_flag

Definition at line 262 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::weighted_bipred_idc

Definition at line 263 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::pic_init_qp_minus26

Definition at line 264 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::deblocking_filter_control_present_flag

Definition at line 265 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::redundant_pic_cnt_present_flag

Definition at line 266 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::transform_8x8_mode_flag

Definition at line 267 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::MbaffFrameFlag

Definition at line 268 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::constrained_intra_pred_flag

Definition at line 269 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::chroma_qp_index_offset

Definition at line 270 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::second_chroma_qp_index_offset

Definition at line 271 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::ref_pic_flag

Definition at line 272 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::frame_num

Definition at line 273 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::CurrFieldOrderCnt[2]

Definition at line 274 of file cuviddec.h.


Definition at line 276 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::WeightScale4x4[6][16]

Definition at line 278 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::WeightScale8x8[2][64]

Definition at line 279 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::fmo_aso_enable

Definition at line 281 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::num_slice_groups_minus1

Definition at line 282 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::slice_group_map_type

Definition at line 283 of file cuviddec.h.

signed char CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::pic_init_qs_minus26

Definition at line 284 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::slice_group_change_rate_minus1

Definition at line 285 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned long long CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::slice_group_map_addr

Definition at line 288 of file cuviddec.h.

const unsigned char* CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::pMb2SliceGroupMap

Definition at line 289 of file cuviddec.h.

union { ... } CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::fmo
unsigned int CUVIDH264PICPARAMS::Reserved[12]

Definition at line 291 of file cuviddec.h.


Definition at line 295 of file cuviddec.h.


Definition at line 296 of file cuviddec.h.

union { ... }

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