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Data Fields

#include <cuviddec.h>

Data Fields

int ForwardRefIdx
int BackwardRefIdx
int picture_coding_type
int full_pel_forward_vector
int full_pel_backward_vector
int f_code [2][2]
int intra_dc_precision
int frame_pred_frame_dct
int concealment_motion_vectors
int q_scale_type
int intra_vlc_format
int alternate_scan
int top_field_first
unsigned char QuantMatrixIntra [64]
unsigned char QuantMatrixInter [64]

Detailed Description

MPEG-2 Picture Parameters

Definition at line 305 of file cuviddec.h.

Field Documentation


Definition at line 307 of file cuviddec.h.


Definition at line 308 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::picture_coding_type

Definition at line 309 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::full_pel_forward_vector

Definition at line 310 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::full_pel_backward_vector

Definition at line 311 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::f_code[2][2]

Definition at line 312 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::intra_dc_precision

Definition at line 313 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::frame_pred_frame_dct

Definition at line 314 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::concealment_motion_vectors

Definition at line 315 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::q_scale_type

Definition at line 316 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::intra_vlc_format

Definition at line 317 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::alternate_scan

Definition at line 318 of file cuviddec.h.

int CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::top_field_first

Definition at line 319 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::QuantMatrixIntra[64]

Definition at line 321 of file cuviddec.h.

unsigned char CUVIDMPEG2PICPARAMS::QuantMatrixInter[64]

Definition at line 322 of file cuviddec.h.

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