aacenc_ltp.h File Reference
#include "aacenc.h"

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void ff_aac_encode_ltp_info (AACEncContext *s, SingleChannelElement *sce, int common_window)
 Encode LTP data. More...
void ff_aac_update_ltp (AACEncContext *s, SingleChannelElement *sce)
 Process LTP parameters. More...
void ff_aac_adjust_common_ltp (AACEncContext *s, ChannelElement *cpe)
void ff_aac_ltp_insert_new_frame (AACEncContext *s)
void ff_aac_search_for_ltp (AACEncContext *s, SingleChannelElement *sce, int common_window)
 Mark LTP sfb's. More...

Detailed Description

AAC encoder long term prediction extension

Rostislav Pehlivanov ( atomnuker gmail com )

Definition in file aacenc_ltp.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ff_aac_encode_ltp_info()

void ff_aac_encode_ltp_info ( AACEncContext s,
SingleChannelElement sce,
int  common_window 

Encode LTP data.

Definition at line 35 of file aacenc_ltp.c.

◆ ff_aac_update_ltp()

void ff_aac_update_ltp ( AACEncContext s,
SingleChannelElement sce 

Process LTP parameters.

See also
Patent WO2006070265A1

Definition at line 117 of file aacenc_ltp.c.

◆ ff_aac_adjust_common_ltp()

void ff_aac_adjust_common_ltp ( AACEncContext s,
ChannelElement cpe 

Definition at line 130 of file aacenc_ltp.c.

◆ ff_aac_ltp_insert_new_frame()

void ff_aac_ltp_insert_new_frame ( AACEncContext s)

Definition at line 53 of file aacenc_ltp.c.

◆ ff_aac_search_for_ltp()

void ff_aac_search_for_ltp ( AACEncContext s,
SingleChannelElement sce,
int  common_window 

Mark LTP sfb's.

Definition at line 159 of file aacenc_ltp.c.