Data Fields
AmfContext Struct Reference

AMF encoder context. More...

#include <amfenc.h>

Data Fields

amf_handle library
 handle to DLL library More...
AMFFactory * factory
 pointer to AMF factory More...
AMFDebug * debug
 pointer to AMF debug interface More...
AMFTrace * trace
 pointer to AMF trace interface More...
amf_uint64 version
 version of AMF runtime More...
AmfTraceWriter tracer
 AMF writer registered with AMF. More...
AMFContext * context
 AMF context. More...
AMFComponent * encoder
 AMF encoder object. More...
amf_bool eof
 flag indicating EOF happened More...
 AMF surface format. More...
 pointer to HW accelerator (decoder) More...
 pointer to HW accelerator (frame allocator) More...
int hwsurfaces_in_queue
int hwsurfaces_in_queue_max
int delayed_drain
AMFSurface * delayed_surface
int64_t dts_delay
int log_to_dbg
int usage
int profile
int level
int preanalysis
int quality
int b_frame_delta_qp
int ref_b_frame_delta_qp
int rate_control_mode
int enforce_hrd
int filler_data
int enable_vbaq
int skip_frame
int qp_i
int qp_p
int qp_b
int max_au_size
int header_spacing
int b_frame_ref
int intra_refresh_mb
int coding_mode
int me_half_pel
int me_quarter_pel
int aud
int gops_per_idr
int header_insertion_mode
int min_qp_i
int max_qp_i
int min_qp_p
int max_qp_p
int tier

Detailed Description

AMF encoder context.

Definition at line 46 of file amfenc.h.

Field Documentation

◆ avclass

AVClass* AmfContext::avclass

Definition at line 47 of file amfenc.h.

◆ library

amf_handle AmfContext::library

handle to DLL library

Definition at line 49 of file amfenc.h.

◆ factory

AMFFactory* AmfContext::factory

pointer to AMF factory

Definition at line 50 of file amfenc.h.

◆ debug

AMFDebug* AmfContext::debug

pointer to AMF debug interface

Definition at line 51 of file amfenc.h.

◆ trace

AMFTrace* AmfContext::trace

pointer to AMF trace interface

Definition at line 52 of file amfenc.h.

◆ version

amf_uint64 AmfContext::version

version of AMF runtime

Definition at line 54 of file amfenc.h.

◆ tracer

AmfTraceWriter AmfContext::tracer

AMF writer registered with AMF.

Definition at line 55 of file amfenc.h.

◆ context

AMFContext* AmfContext::context

AMF context.

Definition at line 56 of file amfenc.h.

◆ encoder

AMFComponent* AmfContext::encoder

AMF encoder object.

Definition at line 58 of file amfenc.h.

◆ eof

amf_bool AmfContext::eof

flag indicating EOF happened

Definition at line 59 of file amfenc.h.

◆ format

AMF_SURFACE_FORMAT AmfContext::format

AMF surface format.

Definition at line 60 of file amfenc.h.

◆ hw_device_ctx

AVBufferRef* AmfContext::hw_device_ctx

pointer to HW accelerator (decoder)

Definition at line 62 of file amfenc.h.

◆ hw_frames_ctx

AVBufferRef* AmfContext::hw_frames_ctx

pointer to HW accelerator (frame allocator)

Definition at line 63 of file amfenc.h.

◆ hwsurfaces_in_queue

int AmfContext::hwsurfaces_in_queue

Definition at line 65 of file amfenc.h.

◆ hwsurfaces_in_queue_max

int AmfContext::hwsurfaces_in_queue_max

Definition at line 66 of file amfenc.h.

◆ delayed_drain

int AmfContext::delayed_drain

Definition at line 69 of file amfenc.h.

◆ delayed_surface

AMFSurface* AmfContext::delayed_surface

Definition at line 70 of file amfenc.h.

◆ delayed_frame

AVFrame* AmfContext::delayed_frame

Definition at line 71 of file amfenc.h.

◆ timestamp_list

AVFifoBuffer* AmfContext::timestamp_list

Definition at line 74 of file amfenc.h.

◆ dts_delay

int64_t AmfContext::dts_delay

Definition at line 75 of file amfenc.h.

◆ log_to_dbg

int AmfContext::log_to_dbg

Definition at line 79 of file amfenc.h.

◆ usage

int AmfContext::usage

Definition at line 82 of file amfenc.h.

◆ profile

int AmfContext::profile

Definition at line 83 of file amfenc.h.

◆ level

int AmfContext::level

Definition at line 84 of file amfenc.h.

◆ preanalysis

int AmfContext::preanalysis

Definition at line 85 of file amfenc.h.

◆ quality

int AmfContext::quality

Definition at line 86 of file amfenc.h.

◆ b_frame_delta_qp

int AmfContext::b_frame_delta_qp

Definition at line 87 of file amfenc.h.

◆ ref_b_frame_delta_qp

int AmfContext::ref_b_frame_delta_qp

Definition at line 88 of file amfenc.h.

◆ rate_control_mode

int AmfContext::rate_control_mode

Definition at line 92 of file amfenc.h.

◆ enforce_hrd

int AmfContext::enforce_hrd

Definition at line 93 of file amfenc.h.

◆ filler_data

int AmfContext::filler_data

Definition at line 94 of file amfenc.h.

◆ enable_vbaq

int AmfContext::enable_vbaq

Definition at line 95 of file amfenc.h.

◆ skip_frame

int AmfContext::skip_frame

Definition at line 96 of file amfenc.h.

◆ qp_i

int AmfContext::qp_i

Definition at line 97 of file amfenc.h.

◆ qp_p

int AmfContext::qp_p

Definition at line 98 of file amfenc.h.

◆ qp_b

int AmfContext::qp_b

Definition at line 99 of file amfenc.h.

◆ max_au_size

int AmfContext::max_au_size

Definition at line 100 of file amfenc.h.

◆ header_spacing

int AmfContext::header_spacing

Definition at line 101 of file amfenc.h.

◆ b_frame_ref

int AmfContext::b_frame_ref

Definition at line 102 of file amfenc.h.

◆ intra_refresh_mb

int AmfContext::intra_refresh_mb

Definition at line 103 of file amfenc.h.

◆ coding_mode

int AmfContext::coding_mode

Definition at line 104 of file amfenc.h.

◆ me_half_pel

int AmfContext::me_half_pel

Definition at line 105 of file amfenc.h.

◆ me_quarter_pel

int AmfContext::me_quarter_pel

Definition at line 106 of file amfenc.h.

◆ aud

int AmfContext::aud

Definition at line 107 of file amfenc.h.

◆ gops_per_idr

int AmfContext::gops_per_idr

Definition at line 111 of file amfenc.h.

◆ header_insertion_mode

int AmfContext::header_insertion_mode

Definition at line 112 of file amfenc.h.

◆ min_qp_i

int AmfContext::min_qp_i

Definition at line 113 of file amfenc.h.

◆ max_qp_i

int AmfContext::max_qp_i

Definition at line 114 of file amfenc.h.

◆ min_qp_p

int AmfContext::min_qp_p

Definition at line 115 of file amfenc.h.

◆ max_qp_p

int AmfContext::max_qp_p

Definition at line 116 of file amfenc.h.

◆ tier

int AmfContext::tier

Definition at line 117 of file amfenc.h.

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