Data Fields
HEVCPPS Struct Reference

#include <hevc_ps.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int sps_id
 seq_parameter_set_id More...
uint8_t sign_data_hiding_flag
uint8_t cabac_init_present_flag
int num_ref_idx_l0_default_active
 num_ref_idx_l0_default_active_minus1 + 1 More...
int num_ref_idx_l1_default_active
 num_ref_idx_l1_default_active_minus1 + 1 More...
int pic_init_qp_minus26
uint8_t constrained_intra_pred_flag
uint8_t transform_skip_enabled_flag
uint8_t cu_qp_delta_enabled_flag
int diff_cu_qp_delta_depth
int cb_qp_offset
int cr_qp_offset
uint8_t pic_slice_level_chroma_qp_offsets_present_flag
uint8_t weighted_pred_flag
uint8_t weighted_bipred_flag
uint8_t output_flag_present_flag
uint8_t transquant_bypass_enable_flag
uint8_t dependent_slice_segments_enabled_flag
uint8_t tiles_enabled_flag
uint8_t entropy_coding_sync_enabled_flag
uint16_t num_tile_columns
 num_tile_columns_minus1 + 1 More...
uint16_t num_tile_rows
 num_tile_rows_minus1 + 1 More...
uint8_t uniform_spacing_flag
uint8_t loop_filter_across_tiles_enabled_flag
uint8_t seq_loop_filter_across_slices_enabled_flag
uint8_t deblocking_filter_control_present_flag
uint8_t deblocking_filter_override_enabled_flag
uint8_t disable_dbf
int beta_offset
 beta_offset_div2 * 2 More...
int tc_offset
 tc_offset_div2 * 2 More...
uint8_t scaling_list_data_present_flag
ScalingList scaling_list
uint8_t lists_modification_present_flag
int log2_parallel_merge_level
 log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 + 2 More...
int num_extra_slice_header_bits
uint8_t slice_header_extension_present_flag
uint8_t log2_max_transform_skip_block_size
uint8_t pps_range_extensions_flag
uint8_t cross_component_prediction_enabled_flag
uint8_t chroma_qp_offset_list_enabled_flag
uint8_t diff_cu_chroma_qp_offset_depth
uint8_t chroma_qp_offset_list_len_minus1
int8_t cb_qp_offset_list [6]
int8_t cr_qp_offset_list [6]
uint8_t log2_sao_offset_scale_luma
uint8_t log2_sao_offset_scale_chroma
unsigned intcolumn_width
 ColumnWidth. More...
unsigned introw_height
 RowHeight. More...
unsigned intcol_bd
 ColBd. More...
unsigned introw_bd
 RowBd. More...
 CtbAddrRSToTS. More...
 CtbAddrTSToRS. More...
 TileId. More...
 TilePosRS. More...
 MinTbAddrZS. More...
 MinTbAddrZS. More...
uint8_t data [4096]
int data_size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 321 of file hevc_ps.h.

Field Documentation

◆ sps_id

unsigned int HEVCPPS::sps_id


Definition at line 322 of file hevc_ps.h.

Referenced by hevc_parse_slice_header().

◆ sign_data_hiding_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::sign_data_hiding_flag

Definition at line 324 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ cabac_init_present_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::cabac_init_present_flag

Definition at line 326 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ num_ref_idx_l0_default_active

int HEVCPPS::num_ref_idx_l0_default_active

num_ref_idx_l0_default_active_minus1 + 1

Definition at line 328 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ num_ref_idx_l1_default_active

int HEVCPPS::num_ref_idx_l1_default_active

num_ref_idx_l1_default_active_minus1 + 1

Definition at line 329 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ pic_init_qp_minus26

int HEVCPPS::pic_init_qp_minus26

Definition at line 330 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ constrained_intra_pred_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::constrained_intra_pred_flag

Definition at line 332 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ transform_skip_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::transform_skip_enabled_flag

Definition at line 333 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ cu_qp_delta_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::cu_qp_delta_enabled_flag

Definition at line 335 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ diff_cu_qp_delta_depth

int HEVCPPS::diff_cu_qp_delta_depth

Definition at line 336 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ cb_qp_offset

int HEVCPPS::cb_qp_offset

Definition at line 338 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ cr_qp_offset

int HEVCPPS::cr_qp_offset

Definition at line 339 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ pic_slice_level_chroma_qp_offsets_present_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::pic_slice_level_chroma_qp_offsets_present_flag

Definition at line 340 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ weighted_pred_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::weighted_pred_flag

Definition at line 341 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ weighted_bipred_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::weighted_bipred_flag

Definition at line 342 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ output_flag_present_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::output_flag_present_flag

Definition at line 343 of file hevc_ps.h.

Referenced by hevc_parse_slice_header().

◆ transquant_bypass_enable_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::transquant_bypass_enable_flag

Definition at line 344 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ dependent_slice_segments_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::dependent_slice_segments_enabled_flag

Definition at line 346 of file hevc_ps.h.

Referenced by hevc_parse_slice_header().

◆ tiles_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::tiles_enabled_flag

Definition at line 347 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ entropy_coding_sync_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::entropy_coding_sync_enabled_flag

Definition at line 348 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ num_tile_columns

uint16_t HEVCPPS::num_tile_columns

num_tile_columns_minus1 + 1

Definition at line 350 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ num_tile_rows

uint16_t HEVCPPS::num_tile_rows

num_tile_rows_minus1 + 1

Definition at line 351 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ uniform_spacing_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::uniform_spacing_flag

Definition at line 352 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ loop_filter_across_tiles_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::loop_filter_across_tiles_enabled_flag

Definition at line 353 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ seq_loop_filter_across_slices_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::seq_loop_filter_across_slices_enabled_flag

Definition at line 355 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ deblocking_filter_control_present_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::deblocking_filter_control_present_flag

Definition at line 357 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ deblocking_filter_override_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::deblocking_filter_override_enabled_flag

Definition at line 358 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ disable_dbf

uint8_t HEVCPPS::disable_dbf

Definition at line 359 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ beta_offset

int HEVCPPS::beta_offset

beta_offset_div2 * 2

Definition at line 360 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ tc_offset

int HEVCPPS::tc_offset

tc_offset_div2 * 2

Definition at line 361 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ scaling_list_data_present_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::scaling_list_data_present_flag

Definition at line 363 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ scaling_list

ScalingList HEVCPPS::scaling_list

Definition at line 364 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ lists_modification_present_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::lists_modification_present_flag

Definition at line 366 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ log2_parallel_merge_level

int HEVCPPS::log2_parallel_merge_level

log2_parallel_merge_level_minus2 + 2

Definition at line 367 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ num_extra_slice_header_bits

int HEVCPPS::num_extra_slice_header_bits

Definition at line 368 of file hevc_ps.h.

Referenced by hevc_parse_slice_header().

◆ slice_header_extension_present_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::slice_header_extension_present_flag

Definition at line 369 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ log2_max_transform_skip_block_size

uint8_t HEVCPPS::log2_max_transform_skip_block_size

Definition at line 370 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ pps_range_extensions_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::pps_range_extensions_flag

Definition at line 371 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ cross_component_prediction_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::cross_component_prediction_enabled_flag

Definition at line 372 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ chroma_qp_offset_list_enabled_flag

uint8_t HEVCPPS::chroma_qp_offset_list_enabled_flag

Definition at line 373 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ diff_cu_chroma_qp_offset_depth

uint8_t HEVCPPS::diff_cu_chroma_qp_offset_depth

Definition at line 374 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ chroma_qp_offset_list_len_minus1

uint8_t HEVCPPS::chroma_qp_offset_list_len_minus1

Definition at line 375 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ cb_qp_offset_list

int8_t HEVCPPS::cb_qp_offset_list[6]

Definition at line 376 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ cr_qp_offset_list

int8_t HEVCPPS::cr_qp_offset_list[6]

Definition at line 377 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ log2_sao_offset_scale_luma

uint8_t HEVCPPS::log2_sao_offset_scale_luma

Definition at line 378 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ log2_sao_offset_scale_chroma

uint8_t HEVCPPS::log2_sao_offset_scale_chroma

Definition at line 379 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ column_width

unsigned int* HEVCPPS::column_width


Definition at line 382 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ row_height

unsigned int* HEVCPPS::row_height


Definition at line 383 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ col_bd

unsigned int* HEVCPPS::col_bd


Definition at line 384 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ row_bd

unsigned int* HEVCPPS::row_bd


Definition at line 385 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ col_idxX

int* HEVCPPS::col_idxX

Definition at line 386 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ ctb_addr_rs_to_ts

int* HEVCPPS::ctb_addr_rs_to_ts


Definition at line 388 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ ctb_addr_ts_to_rs

int* HEVCPPS::ctb_addr_ts_to_rs


Definition at line 389 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ tile_id

int* HEVCPPS::tile_id


Definition at line 390 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ tile_pos_rs

int* HEVCPPS::tile_pos_rs


Definition at line 391 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ min_tb_addr_zs

int* HEVCPPS::min_tb_addr_zs


Definition at line 392 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ min_tb_addr_zs_tab

int* HEVCPPS::min_tb_addr_zs_tab


Definition at line 393 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ data

uint8_t HEVCPPS::data[4096]

Definition at line 395 of file hevc_ps.h.

◆ data_size

int HEVCPPS::data_size

Definition at line 396 of file hevc_ps.h.

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