Data Fields
MXFTrack Struct Reference

Data Fields

UID uid
enum MXFMetadataSetType type
int drop_frame
int start_frame
struct AVRational rate
AVTimecode tc
UID sequence_ref
int track_id
char * name
uint8_t track_number [4]
AVRational edit_rate
int intra_only
uint64_t sample_count
int64_t original_duration
int index_sid
int body_sid
MXFWrappingScheme wrapping
int edit_units_per_packet

Detailed Description

Definition at line 134 of file mxfdec.c.

Field Documentation

◆ uid

UID MXFTrack::uid

Definition at line 135 of file mxfdec.c.

◆ type

enum MXFMetadataSetType MXFTrack::type

Definition at line 136 of file mxfdec.c.

◆ drop_frame

int MXFTrack::drop_frame

Definition at line 137 of file mxfdec.c.

◆ start_frame

int MXFTrack::start_frame

Definition at line 138 of file mxfdec.c.

◆ rate

struct AVRational MXFTrack::rate

Definition at line 139 of file mxfdec.c.

◆ tc

AVTimecode MXFTrack::tc

Definition at line 140 of file mxfdec.c.

◆ sequence

MXFSequence* MXFTrack::sequence

◆ sequence_ref

UID MXFTrack::sequence_ref

◆ track_id

int MXFTrack::track_id

◆ name

char* MXFTrack::name

◆ track_number

uint8_t MXFTrack::track_number[4]

Definition at line 171 of file mxfdec.c.

Referenced by mxf_get_stream_index(), and mxf_read_track().

◆ edit_rate

AVRational MXFTrack::edit_rate

◆ intra_only

int MXFTrack::intra_only

Definition at line 173 of file mxfdec.c.

Referenced by mxf_parse_structural_metadata(), and mxf_set_pts().

◆ sample_count

uint64_t MXFTrack::sample_count

Definition at line 174 of file mxfdec.c.

Referenced by mxf_read_seek(), mxf_set_audio_pts(), mxf_set_current_edit_unit(), and mxf_set_pts().

◆ original_duration

int64_t MXFTrack::original_duration

◆ index_sid

int MXFTrack::index_sid

◆ body_sid

int MXFTrack::body_sid

◆ wrapping

MXFWrappingScheme MXFTrack::wrapping

◆ edit_units_per_packet

int MXFTrack::edit_units_per_packet

Definition at line 179 of file mxfdec.c.

Referenced by mxf_compute_edit_units_per_packet(), and mxf_set_current_edit_unit().

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