Data Fields
SPS Struct Reference

Sequence parameter set. More...

#include <h264_ps.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int sps_id
int profile_idc
int level_idc
int chroma_format_idc
int transform_bypass
 qpprime_y_zero_transform_bypass_flag More...
int log2_max_frame_num
 log2_max_frame_num_minus4 + 4 More...
int poc_type
 pic_order_cnt_type More...
int log2_max_poc_lsb
 log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4 More...
int delta_pic_order_always_zero_flag
int offset_for_non_ref_pic
int offset_for_top_to_bottom_field
int poc_cycle_length
 num_ref_frames_in_pic_order_cnt_cycle More...
int ref_frame_count
 num_ref_frames More...
int gaps_in_frame_num_allowed_flag
int mb_width
 pic_width_in_mbs_minus1 + 1 More...
int mb_height
int frame_mbs_only_flag
int mb_aff
 mb_adaptive_frame_field_flag More...
int direct_8x8_inference_flag
int crop
 frame_cropping_flag More...
unsigned int crop_left
 frame_cropping_rect_left_offset More...
unsigned int crop_right
 frame_cropping_rect_right_offset More...
unsigned int crop_top
 frame_cropping_rect_top_offset More...
unsigned int crop_bottom
 frame_cropping_rect_bottom_offset More...
int vui_parameters_present_flag
AVRational sar
int video_signal_type_present_flag
int full_range
int colour_description_present_flag
enum AVColorPrimaries color_primaries
enum AVColorTransferCharacteristic color_trc
enum AVColorSpace colorspace
int timing_info_present_flag
uint32_t num_units_in_tick
uint32_t time_scale
int fixed_frame_rate_flag
int32_t offset_for_ref_frame [256]
int bitstream_restriction_flag
int num_reorder_frames
int scaling_matrix_present
uint8_t scaling_matrix4 [6][16]
uint8_t scaling_matrix8 [6][64]
int nal_hrd_parameters_present_flag
int vcl_hrd_parameters_present_flag
int pic_struct_present_flag
int time_offset_length
int cpb_cnt
 See H.264 E.1.2. More...
int initial_cpb_removal_delay_length
 initial_cpb_removal_delay_length_minus1 + 1 More...
int cpb_removal_delay_length
 cpb_removal_delay_length_minus1 + 1 More...
int dpb_output_delay_length
 dpb_output_delay_length_minus1 + 1 More...
int bit_depth_luma
 bit_depth_luma_minus8 + 8 More...
int bit_depth_chroma
 bit_depth_chroma_minus8 + 8 More...
int residual_color_transform_flag
 residual_colour_transform_flag More...
int constraint_set_flags
 constraint_set[0-3]_flag More...
uint8_t data [4096]
size_t data_size

Detailed Description

Sequence parameter set.

Definition at line 44 of file h264_ps.h.

Field Documentation

◆ sps_id

unsigned int SPS::sps_id

Definition at line 45 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ profile_idc

int SPS::profile_idc

Definition at line 46 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ level_idc

int SPS::level_idc

Definition at line 47 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ chroma_format_idc

int SPS::chroma_format_idc

Definition at line 48 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ transform_bypass

int SPS::transform_bypass


Definition at line 49 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ log2_max_frame_num

int SPS::log2_max_frame_num

log2_max_frame_num_minus4 + 4

Definition at line 50 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ poc_type

int SPS::poc_type


Definition at line 51 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ log2_max_poc_lsb

int SPS::log2_max_poc_lsb


Definition at line 52 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ delta_pic_order_always_zero_flag

int SPS::delta_pic_order_always_zero_flag

Definition at line 53 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ offset_for_non_ref_pic

int SPS::offset_for_non_ref_pic

Definition at line 54 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ offset_for_top_to_bottom_field

int SPS::offset_for_top_to_bottom_field

Definition at line 55 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ poc_cycle_length

int SPS::poc_cycle_length


Definition at line 56 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ ref_frame_count

int SPS::ref_frame_count


Definition at line 57 of file h264_ps.h.

Referenced by parse_nal_units().

◆ gaps_in_frame_num_allowed_flag

int SPS::gaps_in_frame_num_allowed_flag

Definition at line 58 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ mb_width

int SPS::mb_width

pic_width_in_mbs_minus1 + 1

(pic_height_in_map_units_minus1 + 1) * (2 - frame_mbs_only_flag)

Definition at line 59 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ mb_height

int SPS::mb_height

Definition at line 61 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ frame_mbs_only_flag

int SPS::frame_mbs_only_flag

Definition at line 62 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ mb_aff

int SPS::mb_aff


Definition at line 63 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ direct_8x8_inference_flag

int SPS::direct_8x8_inference_flag

Definition at line 64 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ crop

int SPS::crop


Definition at line 65 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ crop_left

unsigned int SPS::crop_left


Definition at line 68 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ crop_right

unsigned int SPS::crop_right


Definition at line 69 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ crop_top

unsigned int SPS::crop_top


Definition at line 70 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ crop_bottom

unsigned int SPS::crop_bottom


Definition at line 71 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ vui_parameters_present_flag

int SPS::vui_parameters_present_flag

Definition at line 72 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ sar

AVRational SPS::sar

Definition at line 73 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ video_signal_type_present_flag

int SPS::video_signal_type_present_flag

Definition at line 74 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ full_range

int SPS::full_range

Definition at line 75 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ colour_description_present_flag

int SPS::colour_description_present_flag

Definition at line 76 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ color_primaries

enum AVColorPrimaries SPS::color_primaries

Definition at line 77 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ color_trc

enum AVColorTransferCharacteristic SPS::color_trc

Definition at line 78 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ colorspace

enum AVColorSpace SPS::colorspace

Definition at line 79 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ timing_info_present_flag

int SPS::timing_info_present_flag

Definition at line 80 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ num_units_in_tick

uint32_t SPS::num_units_in_tick

Definition at line 81 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ time_scale

uint32_t SPS::time_scale

Definition at line 82 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ fixed_frame_rate_flag

int SPS::fixed_frame_rate_flag

Definition at line 83 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ offset_for_ref_frame

int32_t SPS::offset_for_ref_frame[256]

Definition at line 84 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ bitstream_restriction_flag

int SPS::bitstream_restriction_flag

Definition at line 85 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ num_reorder_frames

int SPS::num_reorder_frames

Definition at line 86 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ scaling_matrix_present

int SPS::scaling_matrix_present

Definition at line 87 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ scaling_matrix4

uint8_t SPS::scaling_matrix4[6][16]

Definition at line 88 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ scaling_matrix8

uint8_t SPS::scaling_matrix8[6][64]

Definition at line 89 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ nal_hrd_parameters_present_flag

int SPS::nal_hrd_parameters_present_flag

Definition at line 90 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ vcl_hrd_parameters_present_flag

int SPS::vcl_hrd_parameters_present_flag

Definition at line 91 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ pic_struct_present_flag

int SPS::pic_struct_present_flag

Definition at line 92 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ time_offset_length

int SPS::time_offset_length

Definition at line 93 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ cpb_cnt

int SPS::cpb_cnt

See H.264 E.1.2.

Definition at line 94 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ initial_cpb_removal_delay_length

int SPS::initial_cpb_removal_delay_length

initial_cpb_removal_delay_length_minus1 + 1

Definition at line 95 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ cpb_removal_delay_length

int SPS::cpb_removal_delay_length

cpb_removal_delay_length_minus1 + 1

Definition at line 96 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ dpb_output_delay_length

int SPS::dpb_output_delay_length

dpb_output_delay_length_minus1 + 1

Definition at line 97 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ bit_depth_luma

int SPS::bit_depth_luma

bit_depth_luma_minus8 + 8

Definition at line 98 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ bit_depth_chroma

int SPS::bit_depth_chroma

bit_depth_chroma_minus8 + 8

Definition at line 99 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ residual_color_transform_flag

int SPS::residual_color_transform_flag


Definition at line 100 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ constraint_set_flags

int SPS::constraint_set_flags


Definition at line 101 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ data

uint8_t SPS::data[4096]

Definition at line 102 of file h264_ps.h.

◆ data_size

size_t SPS::data_size

Definition at line 103 of file h264_ps.h.

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