Data Fields
TFModel Struct Reference

Data Fields

TF_Graph * graph
TF_Session * session
TF_Status * status
TF_Output input
TF_Tensor * input_tensor
TF_Output * outputs
TF_Tensor ** output_tensors
uint32_t nb_output

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file dnn_backend_tf.c.

Field Documentation

◆ graph

TF_Graph* TFModel::graph

◆ session

TF_Session* TFModel::session

◆ status

TF_Status* TFModel::status

◆ input

TF_Output TFModel::input

Definition at line 37 of file dnn_backend_tf.c.

Referenced by ff_dnn_execute_model_tf(), and set_input_output_tf().

◆ input_tensor

TF_Tensor* TFModel::input_tensor

◆ outputs

TF_Output* TFModel::outputs

◆ output_tensors

TF_Tensor** TFModel::output_tensors

◆ nb_output

uint32_t TFModel::nb_output

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