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alldevices.c File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "libavutil/thread.h"
#include "libavformat/internal.h"
#include "avdevice.h"
#include "libavdevice/outdev_list.c"
#include "libavdevice/indev_list.c"

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void avdevice_register_all (void)
 Initialize libavdevice and register all the input and output devices. More...
static void * next_input (const AVInputFormat *prev, AVClassCategory c2)
static void * next_output (const AVOutputFormat *prev, AVClassCategory c2)
AVInputFormatav_input_audio_device_next (AVInputFormat *d)
 Audio input devices iterator. More...
AVInputFormatav_input_video_device_next (AVInputFormat *d)
 Video input devices iterator. More...
AVOutputFormatav_output_audio_device_next (AVOutputFormat *d)
 Audio output devices iterator. More...
AVOutputFormatav_output_video_device_next (AVOutputFormat *d)
 Video output devices iterator. More...


AVInputFormat ff_alsa_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_alsa_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_android_camera_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_audiotoolbox_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_avfoundation_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_bktr_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_caca_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_decklink_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_decklink_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_dshow_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_fbdev_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_fbdev_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_gdigrab_demuxer
 gdi grabber device demuxer declaration More...
AVInputFormat ff_iec61883_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_jack_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_kmsgrab_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_lavfi_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_openal_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_opengl_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_oss_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_oss_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pulse_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pulse_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_sdl2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_sndio_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_sndio_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_v4l2_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_v4l2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_vfwcap_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_xcbgrab_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_xv_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_libcdio_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_libdc1394_demuxer

Function Documentation

◆ next_input()

static void* next_input ( const AVInputFormat prev,
AVClassCategory  c2 

Definition at line 71 of file alldevices.c.

Referenced by av_input_audio_device_next(), and av_input_video_device_next().

◆ next_output()

static void* next_output ( const AVOutputFormat prev,
AVClassCategory  c2 

Variable Documentation

◆ ff_alsa_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_alsa_demuxer

Definition at line 160 of file alsa_dec.c.

◆ ff_alsa_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_alsa_muxer

Definition at line 160 of file alsa_enc.c.

◆ ff_android_camera_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_android_camera_demuxer

Definition at line 862 of file android_camera.c.

◆ ff_audiotoolbox_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_audiotoolbox_muxer

Definition at line 297 of file audiotoolbox.m.

◆ ff_avfoundation_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_avfoundation_demuxer

Definition at line 1217 of file avfoundation.m.

◆ ff_bktr_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bktr_demuxer

Definition at line 351 of file bktr.c.

◆ ff_caca_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_caca_muxer

Definition at line 230 of file caca.c.

◆ ff_decklink_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_decklink_demuxer

Definition at line 104 of file decklink_dec_c.c.

◆ ff_decklink_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_decklink_muxer

Definition at line 51 of file decklink_enc_c.c.

◆ ff_dshow_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dshow_demuxer

Definition at line 1331 of file dshow.c.

◆ ff_fbdev_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_fbdev_demuxer

Definition at line 235 of file fbdev_dec.c.

◆ ff_fbdev_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_fbdev_muxer

Definition at line 208 of file fbdev_enc.c.

◆ ff_gdigrab_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_gdigrab_demuxer

gdi grabber device demuxer declaration

Definition at line 654 of file gdigrab.c.

◆ ff_iec61883_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_iec61883_demuxer

Definition at line 502 of file iec61883.c.

◆ ff_jack_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_jack_demuxer

Definition at line 345 of file jack.c.

◆ ff_kmsgrab_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_kmsgrab_demuxer

Definition at line 711 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ ff_lavfi_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_lavfi_demuxer

Definition at line 497 of file lavfi.c.

◆ ff_openal_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_openal_demuxer

Definition at line 251 of file openal-dec.c.

◆ ff_opengl_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_opengl_muxer

Definition at line 1295 of file opengl_enc.c.

◆ ff_oss_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_oss_demuxer

Definition at line 135 of file oss_dec.c.

◆ ff_oss_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_oss_muxer

Definition at line 99 of file oss_enc.c.

◆ ff_pulse_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pulse_demuxer

Definition at line 389 of file pulse_audio_dec.c.

◆ ff_pulse_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pulse_muxer

Definition at line 781 of file pulse_audio_enc.c.

◆ ff_sdl2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_sdl2_muxer

Definition at line 358 of file sdl2.c.

◆ ff_sndio_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sndio_demuxer

Definition at line 112 of file sndio_dec.c.

◆ ff_sndio_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_sndio_muxer

Definition at line 89 of file sndio_enc.c.

◆ ff_v4l2_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_v4l2_demuxer

Definition at line 1135 of file v4l2.c.

◆ ff_v4l2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_v4l2_muxer

Definition at line 112 of file v4l2enc.c.

◆ ff_vfwcap_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vfwcap_demuxer

Definition at line 485 of file vfwcap.c.

◆ ff_xcbgrab_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_xcbgrab_demuxer

Definition at line 903 of file xcbgrab.c.

◆ ff_xv_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_xv_muxer

Definition at line 379 of file xv.c.

◆ ff_libcdio_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_libcdio_demuxer

Definition at line 185 of file libcdio.c.

◆ ff_libdc1394_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_libdc1394_demuxer

Definition at line 291 of file libdc1394.c.