dsd.c File Reference
#include "libavutil/thread.h"
#include "libavcodec/internal.h"
#include "libavcodec/mathops.h"
#include "avcodec.h"
#include "dsd_tablegen.h"
#include "dsd.h"

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static av_cold void dsd_ctables_tableinit (void)
av_cold void ff_init_dsd_data (void)
void ff_dsd2pcm_translate (DSDContext *s, size_t samples, int lsbf, const uint8_t *src, ptrdiff_t src_stride, float *dst, ptrdiff_t dst_stride)

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◆ dsd_ctables_tableinit()

static av_cold void dsd_ctables_tableinit ( void  )

Definition at line 31 of file dsd.c.

Referenced by ff_init_dsd_data().

◆ ff_init_dsd_data()

av_cold void ff_init_dsd_data ( void  )

Definition at line 47 of file dsd.c.

Referenced by decode_init(), and wavpack_decode_init().

◆ ff_dsd2pcm_translate()

void ff_dsd2pcm_translate ( DSDContext s,
size_t  samples,
int  lsbf,
const uint8_t src,
ptrdiff_t  src_stride,
float *  dst,
ptrdiff_t  dst_stride 

Definition at line 53 of file dsd.c.

Referenced by decode_frame(), and dsd_channel().