Data Fields
RsccContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

GetByteContext gbc
unsigned int tiles_size
int component_size
uint8_t palette [AVPALETTE_SIZE]
uLongf inflated_size
int valid_pixels

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file rscc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ gbc

GetByteContext RsccContext::gbc

Definition at line 56 of file rscc.c.

◆ reference

AVFrame* RsccContext::reference

Definition at line 57 of file rscc.c.

◆ tiles

Tile* RsccContext::tiles

Definition at line 58 of file rscc.c.

◆ tiles_size

unsigned int RsccContext::tiles_size

Definition at line 59 of file rscc.c.

◆ component_size

int RsccContext::component_size

Definition at line 60 of file rscc.c.

◆ palette

uint8_t RsccContext::palette[AVPALETTE_SIZE]

Definition at line 62 of file rscc.c.

◆ inflated_buf

uint8_t* RsccContext::inflated_buf

Definition at line 65 of file rscc.c.

◆ inflated_size

uLongf RsccContext::inflated_size

Definition at line 66 of file rscc.c.

◆ valid_pixels

int RsccContext::valid_pixels

Definition at line 67 of file rscc.c.

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