Data Fields
VulkanDescriptorSetBinding Struct Reference

#include <vulkan.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
VkDescriptorType type
const char * mem_layout
const char * mem_quali
const char * buf_content
uint32_t dimensions
uint32_t elems
VkShaderStageFlags stages
const VkSampler * samplers
void * updater

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file vulkan.h.

Field Documentation

◆ name

const char* VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::name

Definition at line 74 of file vulkan.h.

Referenced by convert_from_tensorflow.Operand::__str__(), and init_filter().

◆ type

VkDescriptorType VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::type

Definition at line 75 of file vulkan.h.

◆ mem_layout

const char* VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::mem_layout

Definition at line 76 of file vulkan.h.

◆ mem_quali

const char* VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::mem_quali

Definition at line 77 of file vulkan.h.

◆ buf_content

const char* VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::buf_content

Definition at line 78 of file vulkan.h.

◆ dimensions

uint32_t VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::dimensions

Definition at line 79 of file vulkan.h.

◆ elems

uint32_t VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::elems

Definition at line 80 of file vulkan.h.

Referenced by init_filter().

◆ stages

VkShaderStageFlags VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::stages

Definition at line 81 of file vulkan.h.

◆ samplers

const VkSampler* VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::samplers

Definition at line 82 of file vulkan.h.

◆ updater

void* VulkanDescriptorSetBinding::updater

Definition at line 83 of file vulkan.h.

Referenced by init_filter().

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