Data Fields
AVDOVIColorMetadata Struct Reference

Dolby Vision RPU colorspace metadata parameters. More...

#include <dovi_meta.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t dm_metadata_id
uint8_t scene_refresh_flag
AVRational ycc_to_rgb_matrix [9]
 Coefficients of the custom Dolby Vision IPT-PQ matrices. More...
AVRational ycc_to_rgb_offset [3]
AVRational rgb_to_lms_matrix [9]
uint16_t signal_eotf
 Extra signal metadata (see Dolby patents for more info). More...
uint16_t signal_eotf_param0
uint16_t signal_eotf_param1
uint32_t signal_eotf_param2
uint8_t signal_bit_depth
uint8_t signal_color_space
uint8_t signal_chroma_format
uint8_t signal_full_range_flag
uint16_t source_min_pq
uint16_t source_max_pq
uint16_t source_diagonal

Detailed Description

Dolby Vision RPU colorspace metadata parameters.

sizeof(AVDOVIColorMetadata) is not part of the public ABI.

Definition at line 157 of file dovi_meta.h.

Field Documentation

◆ dm_metadata_id

uint8_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::dm_metadata_id

Definition at line 158 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ scene_refresh_flag

uint8_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::scene_refresh_flag

Definition at line 159 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ ycc_to_rgb_matrix

AVRational AVDOVIColorMetadata::ycc_to_rgb_matrix[9]

Coefficients of the custom Dolby Vision IPT-PQ matrices.

These are to be used instead of the matrices indicated by the frame's colorspace tags. The output of rgb_to_lms_matrix is to be fed into a BT.2020 LMS->RGB matrix based on a Hunt-Pointer-Estevez transform, but without any crosstalk. (See the definition of the ICtCp colorspace for more information.)

Definition at line 169 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ ycc_to_rgb_offset

AVRational AVDOVIColorMetadata::ycc_to_rgb_offset[3]

Definition at line 170 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ rgb_to_lms_matrix

AVRational AVDOVIColorMetadata::rgb_to_lms_matrix[9]

Definition at line 171 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_eotf

uint16_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_eotf

Extra signal metadata (see Dolby patents for more info).

Definition at line 176 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_eotf_param0

uint16_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_eotf_param0

Definition at line 177 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_eotf_param1

uint16_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_eotf_param1

Definition at line 178 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_eotf_param2

uint32_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_eotf_param2

Definition at line 179 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_bit_depth

uint8_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_bit_depth

Definition at line 180 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_color_space

uint8_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_color_space

Definition at line 181 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_chroma_format

uint8_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_chroma_format

Definition at line 182 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ signal_full_range_flag

uint8_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::signal_full_range_flag

Definition at line 183 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ source_min_pq

uint16_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::source_min_pq

Definition at line 184 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ source_max_pq

uint16_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::source_max_pq

Definition at line 185 of file dovi_meta.h.

◆ source_diagonal

uint16_t AVDOVIColorMetadata::source_diagonal

Definition at line 186 of file dovi_meta.h.

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