DolbyEHeaderInfo Struct Reference

#include <dolby_e.h>

Data Fields

Coded elements
int prog_conf
int nb_channels
int nb_programs
int fr_code
int fr_code_orig
int ch_size [MAX_CHANNELS]
int mtd_ext_size
int meter_size
int rev_id [MAX_CHANNELS]
int begin_gain [MAX_CHANNELS]
int end_gain [MAX_CHANNELS]
Derived values
int multi_prog_warned
int sample_rate

Detailed Description

Coded Dolby E header values up to end_gain element, plus derived values.

Definition at line 37 of file dolby_e.h.

Field Documentation

◆ prog_conf

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::prog_conf

Definition at line 41 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ nb_channels

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::nb_channels

Definition at line 42 of file dolby_e.h.

Referenced by filter_frame().

◆ nb_programs

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::nb_programs

Definition at line 43 of file dolby_e.h.

Referenced by filter_frame().

◆ fr_code

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::fr_code

Definition at line 45 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ fr_code_orig

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::fr_code_orig

Definition at line 46 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ ch_size

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::ch_size[MAX_CHANNELS]

Definition at line 48 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ mtd_ext_size

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::mtd_ext_size

Definition at line 49 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ meter_size

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::meter_size

Definition at line 50 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ rev_id

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::rev_id[MAX_CHANNELS]

Definition at line 52 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ begin_gain

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::begin_gain[MAX_CHANNELS]

Definition at line 53 of file dolby_e.h.

Referenced by filter_frame().

◆ end_gain

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::end_gain[MAX_CHANNELS]

Definition at line 54 of file dolby_e.h.

Referenced by filter_frame().

◆ multi_prog_warned

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::multi_prog_warned

Definition at line 60 of file dolby_e.h.

◆ sample_rate

int DolbyEHeaderInfo::sample_rate

Definition at line 62 of file dolby_e.h.

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