Data Fields
LibSpeexEncContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

 AVClass for private options. More...
SpeexBits bits
 libspeex bitwriter context More...
SpeexHeader header
 libspeex header struct More...
void * enc_state
 libspeex encoder state More...
int frames_per_packet
 number of frames to encode in each packet More...
float vbr_quality
 VBR quality 0.0 to 10.0. More...
int cbr_quality
 CBR quality 0 to 10. More...
int abr
 flag to enable ABR More...
int vad
 flag to enable VAD More...
int dtx
 flag to enable DTX More...
int pkt_frame_count
 frame count for the current packet More...
AudioFrameQueue afq
 frame queue More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 97 of file libspeexenc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

AVClass* LibSpeexEncContext::class

AVClass for private options.

Definition at line 98 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ bits

SpeexBits LibSpeexEncContext::bits

libspeex bitwriter context

Definition at line 99 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ header

SpeexHeader LibSpeexEncContext::header

libspeex header struct

Definition at line 100 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ enc_state

void* LibSpeexEncContext::enc_state

libspeex encoder state

Definition at line 101 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ frames_per_packet

int LibSpeexEncContext::frames_per_packet

number of frames to encode in each packet

Definition at line 102 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ vbr_quality

float LibSpeexEncContext::vbr_quality

VBR quality 0.0 to 10.0.

Definition at line 103 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ cbr_quality

int LibSpeexEncContext::cbr_quality

CBR quality 0 to 10.

Definition at line 104 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ abr

int LibSpeexEncContext::abr

flag to enable ABR

Definition at line 105 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ vad

int LibSpeexEncContext::vad

flag to enable VAD

Definition at line 106 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ dtx

int LibSpeexEncContext::dtx

flag to enable DTX

Definition at line 107 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ pkt_frame_count

int LibSpeexEncContext::pkt_frame_count

frame count for the current packet

Definition at line 108 of file libspeexenc.c.

◆ afq

AudioFrameQueue LibSpeexEncContext::afq

frame queue

Definition at line 109 of file libspeexenc.c.

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