Data Fields
MMALDecodeContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

int extra_buffers
int extra_decoder_buffers
MMAL_QUEUE_T * queue_decoded_frames
MMAL_POOL_T * pool_in
int64_t packets_sent
atomic_int packets_buffered
int64_t frames_output
int eos_received
int eos_sent
int extradata_sent
int interlaced_frame
int top_field_first

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file mmaldec.c.

Field Documentation

◆ av_class

AVClass* MMALDecodeContext::av_class

Definition at line 70 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ extra_buffers

int MMALDecodeContext::extra_buffers

Definition at line 71 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ extra_decoder_buffers

int MMALDecodeContext::extra_decoder_buffers

Definition at line 72 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ decoder

MMAL_COMPONENT_T* MMALDecodeContext::decoder

Definition at line 74 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ queue_decoded_frames

MMAL_QUEUE_T* MMALDecodeContext::queue_decoded_frames

Definition at line 75 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ pool_in

MMAL_POOL_T* MMALDecodeContext::pool_in

Definition at line 76 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ pool_out

FFPoolRef* MMALDecodeContext::pool_out

Definition at line 77 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ waiting_buffers

FFBufferEntry* MMALDecodeContext::waiting_buffers

Definition at line 85 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ waiting_buffers_tail

FFBufferEntry * MMALDecodeContext::waiting_buffers_tail

Definition at line 85 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ pkt

AVPacket* MMALDecodeContext::pkt

Definition at line 87 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ packets_sent

int64_t MMALDecodeContext::packets_sent

Definition at line 89 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ packets_buffered

atomic_int MMALDecodeContext::packets_buffered

Definition at line 90 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ frames_output

int64_t MMALDecodeContext::frames_output

Definition at line 91 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ eos_received

int MMALDecodeContext::eos_received

Definition at line 92 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ eos_sent

int MMALDecodeContext::eos_sent

Definition at line 93 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ extradata_sent

int MMALDecodeContext::extradata_sent

Definition at line 94 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ interlaced_frame

int MMALDecodeContext::interlaced_frame

Definition at line 95 of file mmaldec.c.

◆ top_field_first

int MMALDecodeContext::top_field_first

Definition at line 96 of file mmaldec.c.

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