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vulkan_loader.h File Reference
#include "vulkan_functions.h"

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#define PFN_LOAD_INFO(req_inst, req_dev, ext_flag, name)


static uint64_t ff_vk_extensions_to_mask (const char *const *extensions, int nb_extensions)
static int ff_vk_load_functions (AVHWDeviceContext *ctx, FFVulkanFunctions *vk, uint64_t extensions_mask, int has_inst, int has_dev)
 Function loader. More...

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#define PFN_LOAD_INFO (   req_inst,
{ \
req_inst, \
req_dev, \
offsetof(FFVulkanFunctions, name), \
ext_flag, \
{ "vk"#name, "vk"#name"EXT", "vk"#name"KHR" } \

Definition at line 25 of file vulkan_loader.h.

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◆ ff_vk_extensions_to_mask()

static uint64_t ff_vk_extensions_to_mask ( const char *const *  extensions,
int  nb_extensions 

Definition at line 34 of file vulkan_loader.h.

Referenced by ff_vk_filter_config_input().

◆ ff_vk_load_functions()

static int ff_vk_load_functions ( AVHWDeviceContext ctx,
FFVulkanFunctions vk,
uint64_t  extensions_mask,
int  has_inst,
int  has_dev 

Function loader.

Vulkan function from scratch loading happens in 3 stages - the first one is before any initialization has happened, and you have neither an instance structure nor a device structure. At this stage, you can only get the bare minimals to initialize an instance. The second stage is when you have an instance. At this stage, you can initialize a VkDevice, and have an idea of what extensions each device supports. Finally, in the third stage, you can proceed and load all core functions, plus you can be sure that any extensions you've enabled during device initialization will be available.

Definition at line 80 of file vulkan_loader.h.

Referenced by create_instance(), ff_vk_filter_config_input(), and vulkan_device_init().

it s the only field you need to keep assuming you have a context There is some magic you don t need to care about around this just let it vf default minimum maximum flags name is the option name
Definition: writing_filters.txt:88
Definition: vulkan_functions.h:175