Data Fields
FFVulkanContext Struct Reference

#include <vulkan.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
FFVulkanFunctions vkfn
FFVulkanExtensions extensions
VkPhysicalDeviceProperties props
VkPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties mprops
int output_width
int output_height
enum AVPixelFormat output_format
enum AVPixelFormat input_format
FFVkSampler ** samplers
int samplers_num
FFVkExecContext ** exec_ctx
int exec_ctx_num
FFVulkanPipeline ** pipelines
int pipelines_num
void * scratch
unsigned int scratch_size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 188 of file vulkan.h.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* FFVulkanContext::class

Definition at line 189 of file vulkan.h.

◆ vkfn

FFVulkanFunctions FFVulkanContext::vkfn

Definition at line 191 of file vulkan.h.

Referenced by process_frames().

◆ extensions

FFVulkanExtensions FFVulkanContext::extensions

Definition at line 192 of file vulkan.h.

◆ props

VkPhysicalDeviceProperties FFVulkanContext::props

Definition at line 193 of file vulkan.h.

◆ mprops

VkPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties FFVulkanContext::mprops

Definition at line 194 of file vulkan.h.

◆ device_ref

AVBufferRef* FFVulkanContext::device_ref

Definition at line 196 of file vulkan.h.

◆ device

AVHWDeviceContext* FFVulkanContext::device

Definition at line 197 of file vulkan.h.

◆ hwctx

AVVulkanDeviceContext* FFVulkanContext::hwctx

Definition at line 198 of file vulkan.h.

◆ frames_ref

AVBufferRef* FFVulkanContext::frames_ref

Definition at line 200 of file vulkan.h.

◆ frames

AVHWFramesContext* FFVulkanContext::frames

Definition at line 201 of file vulkan.h.

◆ hwfc

AVVulkanFramesContext* FFVulkanContext::hwfc

Definition at line 202 of file vulkan.h.

◆ spirv_compiler

FFVkSPIRVCompiler* FFVulkanContext::spirv_compiler

Definition at line 204 of file vulkan.h.

◆ output_width

int FFVulkanContext::output_width

Definition at line 207 of file vulkan.h.

Referenced by config_props_output(), process_frames(), and scale_vulkan_config_output().

◆ output_height

int FFVulkanContext::output_height

Definition at line 208 of file vulkan.h.

Referenced by config_props_output(), process_frames(), and scale_vulkan_config_output().

◆ output_format

enum AVPixelFormat FFVulkanContext::output_format

Definition at line 209 of file vulkan.h.

◆ input_format

enum AVPixelFormat FFVulkanContext::input_format

Definition at line 210 of file vulkan.h.

◆ samplers

FFVkSampler** FFVulkanContext::samplers

Definition at line 213 of file vulkan.h.

◆ samplers_num

int FFVulkanContext::samplers_num

Definition at line 214 of file vulkan.h.

◆ exec_ctx

FFVkExecContext** FFVulkanContext::exec_ctx

Definition at line 217 of file vulkan.h.

◆ exec_ctx_num

int FFVulkanContext::exec_ctx_num

Definition at line 218 of file vulkan.h.

◆ pipelines

FFVulkanPipeline** FFVulkanContext::pipelines

Definition at line 221 of file vulkan.h.

◆ pipelines_num

int FFVulkanContext::pipelines_num

Definition at line 222 of file vulkan.h.

◆ scratch

void* FFVulkanContext::scratch

Definition at line 224 of file vulkan.h.

◆ scratch_size

unsigned int FFVulkanContext::scratch_size

Definition at line 225 of file vulkan.h.

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