Data Fields
InputFile Struct Reference

#include <ffmpeg.h>

Data Fields

int index
int eof_reached
int eagain
int64_t input_ts_offset
int input_sync_ref
int64_t start_time_effective
 Effective format start time based on enabled streams. More...
int64_t ts_offset
int64_t ts_offset_discont
 Extra timestamp offset added by discontinuity handling. More...
int64_t last_ts
int64_t start_time
int64_t recording_time
InputStream ** streams
int nb_streams
int rate_emu
float readrate
int accurate_seek
int audio_duration_queue_size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 450 of file ffmpeg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ index

int InputFile::index

◆ ctx

AVFormatContext* InputFile::ctx

◆ eof_reached

int InputFile::eof_reached

Definition at line 454 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by transcode(), transcode_from_filter(), and transcode_step().

◆ eagain

int InputFile::eagain

Definition at line 455 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by transcode_from_filter(), and transcode_step().

◆ input_ts_offset

int64_t InputFile::input_ts_offset

Definition at line 456 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ input_sync_ref

int InputFile::input_sync_ref

Definition at line 457 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ start_time_effective

int64_t InputFile::start_time_effective

Effective format start time based on enabled streams.

Definition at line 461 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ ts_offset

int64_t InputFile::ts_offset

Definition at line 462 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by process_input().

◆ ts_offset_discont

int64_t InputFile::ts_offset_discont

Extra timestamp offset added by discontinuity handling.

Definition at line 466 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ last_ts

int64_t InputFile::last_ts

Definition at line 467 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ start_time

int64_t InputFile::start_time

Definition at line 468 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ recording_time

int64_t InputFile::recording_time

Definition at line 469 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ streams [1/2]

InputStream** InputFile::streams

Definition at line 474 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by init_input_filter(), map_manual(), opt_map_channel(), and sub2video_heartbeat().

◆ nb_streams

int InputFile::nb_streams

Definition at line 475 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by opt_map(), opt_map_channel(), opt_target(), and sub2video_heartbeat().

◆ rate_emu

int InputFile::rate_emu

Definition at line 477 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ readrate

float InputFile::readrate

Definition at line 478 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ accurate_seek

int InputFile::accurate_seek

Definition at line 479 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ audio_duration_queue

AVThreadMessageQueue* InputFile::audio_duration_queue

Definition at line 483 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ audio_duration_queue_size

int InputFile::audio_duration_queue_size

Definition at line 484 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ fmt_ctx

AVFormatContext* InputFile::fmt_ctx

Definition at line 89 of file ffprobe.c.

◆ streams [2/2]

InputStream* InputFile::streams

Definition at line 91 of file ffprobe.c.

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