Data Fields
QSVFramesContext Struct Reference

#include <qsv_internal.h>

Data Fields

void * logctx
int nb_mids
mfxSession session_download
atomic_int session_download_init
mfxSession session_upload
atomic_int session_upload_init
mfxFrameSurface1 * surfaces_internal
mfxHDLPair * handle_pairs_internal
int nb_surfaces_used
mfxMemId * mem_ids
mfxFrameSurface1 ** surface_ptrs
mfxExtOpaqueSurfaceAlloc opaque_alloc
mfxExtBuffer * ext_buffers [1]
AVFrame realigned_upload_frame
AVFrame realigned_download_frame

Detailed Description

Definition at line 115 of file qsv_internal.h.

Field Documentation

◆ hw_frames_ctx

AVBufferRef* QSVFramesContext::hw_frames_ctx

◆ logctx

void* QSVFramesContext::logctx

Definition at line 117 of file qsv_internal.h.

Referenced by ff_qsv_init_session_frames().

◆ mids_buf

AVBufferRef* QSVFramesContext::mids_buf

◆ mids

QSVMid* QSVFramesContext::mids

Definition at line 124 of file qsv_internal.h.

Referenced by alloc_frame(), ff_qsv_init_session_frames(), and submit_frame().

◆ nb_mids

int QSVFramesContext::nb_mids

Definition at line 125 of file qsv_internal.h.

Referenced by ff_qsv_init_session_frames().

◆ session_download

mfxSession QSVFramesContext::session_download

Definition at line 83 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ session_download_init

atomic_int QSVFramesContext::session_download_init

Definition at line 84 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ session_upload

mfxSession QSVFramesContext::session_upload

Definition at line 85 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ session_upload_init

atomic_int QSVFramesContext::session_upload_init

Definition at line 86 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ child_frames_ref

AVBufferRef* QSVFramesContext::child_frames_ref

Definition at line 91 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ surfaces_internal

mfxFrameSurface1* QSVFramesContext::surfaces_internal

Definition at line 92 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ handle_pairs_internal

mfxHDLPair* QSVFramesContext::handle_pairs_internal

Definition at line 93 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ nb_surfaces_used

int QSVFramesContext::nb_surfaces_used

Definition at line 94 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ mem_ids

mfxMemId* QSVFramesContext::mem_ids

Definition at line 97 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ surface_ptrs

mfxFrameSurface1** QSVFramesContext::surface_ptrs

Definition at line 100 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ opaque_alloc

mfxExtOpaqueSurfaceAlloc QSVFramesContext::opaque_alloc

Definition at line 102 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ ext_buffers

mfxExtBuffer* QSVFramesContext::ext_buffers[1]

Definition at line 103 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ realigned_upload_frame

AVFrame QSVFramesContext::realigned_upload_frame

Definition at line 105 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

◆ realigned_download_frame

AVFrame QSVFramesContext::realigned_download_frame

Definition at line 106 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

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