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dnn_backend_common.h File Reference
#include "../dnn_interface.h"

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Data Structures

struct  TaskItem
struct  InferenceItem


int ff_check_exec_params (void *ctx, DNNBackendType backend, DNNFunctionType func_type, DNNExecBaseParams *exec_params)
DNNReturnType ff_dnn_fill_task (TaskItem *task, DNNExecBaseParams *exec_params, void *backend_model, int async, int do_ioproc)
 Fill the Task for Backend Execution. More...

Detailed Description

DNN common functions different backends.

Definition in file dnn_backend_common.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ff_check_exec_params()

int ff_check_exec_params ( void *  ctx,
DNNBackendType  backend,
DNNFunctionType  func_type,
DNNExecBaseParams exec_params 

◆ ff_dnn_fill_task()

DNNReturnType ff_dnn_fill_task ( TaskItem task,
DNNExecBaseParams exec_params,
void *  backend_model,
int  async,
int  do_ioproc 

Fill the Task for Backend Execution.

It should be called after checking execution parameters using ff_check_exec_params.

taskpointer to the allocated task
exec_parampointer to execution parameters
backend_modelvoid pointer to the backend model
asyncflag for async execution. Must be 0 or 1
do_ioprocflag for IO processing. Must be 0 or 1
Return values
DNN_SUCCESSif successful
DNN_ERRORif flags are invalid or any parameter is NULL

Definition at line 53 of file dnn_backend_common.c.

Referenced by ff_dnn_execute_model_async_ov(), and ff_dnn_execute_model_ov().