Data Fields
AVFilterFormatsConfig Struct Reference

Lists of formats / etc. More...

#include <avfilter.h>

Data Fields

 List of supported formats (pixel or sample). More...
 Lists of supported sample rates, only for audio. More...
 Lists of supported channel layouts, only for audio. More...

Detailed Description

Lists of formats / etc.

supported by an end of a link.

This structure is directly part of AVFilterLink, in two copies: one for the source filter, one for the destination filter.

These lists are used for negotiating the format to actually be used, which will be loaded into the format and channel_layout members of AVFilterLink, when chosen.

Definition at line 440 of file avfilter.h.

Field Documentation

AVFilterFormats* AVFilterFormatsConfig::formats
AVFilterFormats* AVFilterFormatsConfig::samplerates

Lists of supported sample rates, only for audio.

Definition at line 450 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by avfilter_insert_filter(), filter_link_check_formats(), formats_declared(), free_link(), movie_query_formats(), pick_format(), query_formats(), and swap_samplerates_on_filter().

AVFilterChannelLayouts* AVFilterFormatsConfig::channel_layouts

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