Data Fields
DASHContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
char * base_url
int n_videos
struct representation ** videos
int n_audios
struct representation ** audios
int n_subtitles
struct representation ** subtitles
uint64_t media_presentation_duration
uint64_t suggested_presentation_delay
uint64_t availability_start_time
uint64_t availability_end_time
uint64_t publish_time
uint64_t minimum_update_period
uint64_t time_shift_buffer_depth
uint64_t min_buffer_time
uint64_t period_duration
uint64_t period_start
char * adaptionset_lang
int is_live
char * allowed_extensions
int max_url_size
char * cenc_decryption_key
int is_init_section_common_video
int is_init_section_common_audio
int is_init_section_common_subtitle
char * adaptation_sets
int nb_as
int window_size
int extra_window_size
int64_t seg_duration
int64_t frag_duration
int remove_at_exit
int use_template
int use_timeline
int single_file
int has_video
int64_t last_duration
int64_t total_duration
char availability_start_time [100]
time_t start_time_s
int64_t presentation_time_offset
char dirname [1024]
const char * single_file_name
const char * init_seg_name
const char * media_seg_name
const char * utc_timing_url
const char * method
const char * user_agent
int hls_playlist
const char * hls_master_name
int http_persistent
int master_playlist_created
int streaming
int64_t timeout
int index_correction
int global_sidx
SegmentType segment_type_option
int ignore_io_errors
int lhls
int ldash
int master_publish_rate
int nr_of_streams_to_flush
int nr_of_streams_flushed
int frag_type
int write_prft
int64_t max_gop_size
int64_t max_segment_duration
int profile
int64_t target_latency
int target_latency_refid
AVRational min_playback_rate
AVRational max_playback_rate
int64_t update_period

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file dashdec.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass * DASHContext::class

Definition at line 124 of file dashdec.c.

◆ base_url

char* DASHContext::base_url

Definition at line 125 of file dashdec.c.

◆ n_videos

int DASHContext::n_videos

Definition at line 127 of file dashdec.c.

◆ videos

struct representation** DASHContext::videos

Definition at line 128 of file dashdec.c.

◆ n_audios

int DASHContext::n_audios

Definition at line 129 of file dashdec.c.

◆ audios

struct representation** DASHContext::audios

Definition at line 130 of file dashdec.c.

◆ n_subtitles

int DASHContext::n_subtitles

Definition at line 131 of file dashdec.c.

◆ subtitles

struct representation** DASHContext::subtitles

Definition at line 132 of file dashdec.c.

◆ media_presentation_duration

uint64_t DASHContext::media_presentation_duration

Definition at line 135 of file dashdec.c.

◆ suggested_presentation_delay

uint64_t DASHContext::suggested_presentation_delay

Definition at line 136 of file dashdec.c.

◆ availability_start_time [1/2]

uint64_t DASHContext::availability_start_time

Definition at line 137 of file dashdec.c.

◆ availability_end_time

uint64_t DASHContext::availability_end_time

Definition at line 138 of file dashdec.c.

◆ publish_time

uint64_t DASHContext::publish_time

Definition at line 139 of file dashdec.c.

◆ minimum_update_period

uint64_t DASHContext::minimum_update_period

Definition at line 140 of file dashdec.c.

◆ time_shift_buffer_depth

uint64_t DASHContext::time_shift_buffer_depth

Definition at line 141 of file dashdec.c.

◆ min_buffer_time

uint64_t DASHContext::min_buffer_time

Definition at line 142 of file dashdec.c.

◆ period_duration

uint64_t DASHContext::period_duration

Definition at line 145 of file dashdec.c.

◆ period_start

uint64_t DASHContext::period_start

Definition at line 146 of file dashdec.c.

◆ adaptionset_lang

char* DASHContext::adaptionset_lang

Definition at line 149 of file dashdec.c.

◆ is_live

int DASHContext::is_live

Definition at line 151 of file dashdec.c.

◆ interrupt_callback

AVIOInterruptCB* DASHContext::interrupt_callback

Definition at line 152 of file dashdec.c.

◆ allowed_extensions

char* DASHContext::allowed_extensions

Definition at line 153 of file dashdec.c.

◆ avio_opts

AVDictionary* DASHContext::avio_opts

Definition at line 154 of file dashdec.c.

◆ max_url_size

int DASHContext::max_url_size

Definition at line 155 of file dashdec.c.

◆ cenc_decryption_key

char* DASHContext::cenc_decryption_key

Definition at line 156 of file dashdec.c.

◆ is_init_section_common_video

int DASHContext::is_init_section_common_video

Definition at line 159 of file dashdec.c.

◆ is_init_section_common_audio

int DASHContext::is_init_section_common_audio

Definition at line 160 of file dashdec.c.

◆ is_init_section_common_subtitle

int DASHContext::is_init_section_common_subtitle

Definition at line 161 of file dashdec.c.

◆ adaptation_sets

char* DASHContext::adaptation_sets

Definition at line 152 of file dashenc.c.

◆ as

AdaptationSet* DASHContext::as

Definition at line 153 of file dashenc.c.

◆ nb_as

int DASHContext::nb_as

Definition at line 154 of file dashenc.c.

◆ window_size

int DASHContext::window_size

Definition at line 155 of file dashenc.c.

◆ extra_window_size

int DASHContext::extra_window_size

Definition at line 156 of file dashenc.c.

◆ seg_duration

int64_t DASHContext::seg_duration

Definition at line 157 of file dashenc.c.

◆ frag_duration

int64_t DASHContext::frag_duration

Definition at line 158 of file dashenc.c.

◆ remove_at_exit

int DASHContext::remove_at_exit

Definition at line 159 of file dashenc.c.

◆ use_template

int DASHContext::use_template

Definition at line 160 of file dashenc.c.

◆ use_timeline

int DASHContext::use_timeline

Definition at line 161 of file dashenc.c.

◆ single_file

int DASHContext::single_file

Definition at line 162 of file dashenc.c.

◆ streams

OutputStream* DASHContext::streams

Definition at line 163 of file dashenc.c.

◆ has_video

int DASHContext::has_video

Definition at line 164 of file dashenc.c.

◆ last_duration

int64_t DASHContext::last_duration

Definition at line 165 of file dashenc.c.

◆ total_duration

int64_t DASHContext::total_duration

Definition at line 166 of file dashenc.c.

◆ availability_start_time [2/2]

char DASHContext::availability_start_time[100]

Definition at line 167 of file dashenc.c.

◆ start_time_s

time_t DASHContext::start_time_s

Definition at line 168 of file dashenc.c.

◆ presentation_time_offset

int64_t DASHContext::presentation_time_offset

Definition at line 169 of file dashenc.c.

◆ dirname

char DASHContext::dirname[1024]

Definition at line 170 of file dashenc.c.

◆ single_file_name

const char* DASHContext::single_file_name

Definition at line 171 of file dashenc.c.

◆ init_seg_name

const char* DASHContext::init_seg_name

Definition at line 172 of file dashenc.c.

◆ media_seg_name

const char* DASHContext::media_seg_name

Definition at line 173 of file dashenc.c.

◆ utc_timing_url

const char* DASHContext::utc_timing_url

Definition at line 174 of file dashenc.c.

◆ method

const char* DASHContext::method

Definition at line 175 of file dashenc.c.

◆ user_agent

const char* DASHContext::user_agent

Definition at line 176 of file dashenc.c.

◆ http_opts

AVDictionary* DASHContext::http_opts

Definition at line 177 of file dashenc.c.

◆ hls_playlist

int DASHContext::hls_playlist

Definition at line 178 of file dashenc.c.

◆ hls_master_name

const char* DASHContext::hls_master_name

Definition at line 179 of file dashenc.c.

◆ http_persistent

int DASHContext::http_persistent

Definition at line 180 of file dashenc.c.

◆ master_playlist_created

int DASHContext::master_playlist_created

Definition at line 181 of file dashenc.c.

◆ mpd_out

AVIOContext* DASHContext::mpd_out

Definition at line 182 of file dashenc.c.

◆ m3u8_out

AVIOContext* DASHContext::m3u8_out

Definition at line 183 of file dashenc.c.

◆ http_delete

AVIOContext* DASHContext::http_delete

Definition at line 184 of file dashenc.c.

◆ streaming

int DASHContext::streaming

Definition at line 185 of file dashenc.c.

◆ timeout

int64_t DASHContext::timeout

Definition at line 186 of file dashenc.c.

◆ index_correction

int DASHContext::index_correction

Definition at line 187 of file dashenc.c.

◆ format_options

AVDictionary* DASHContext::format_options

Definition at line 188 of file dashenc.c.

◆ global_sidx

int DASHContext::global_sidx

Definition at line 189 of file dashenc.c.

◆ segment_type_option

SegmentType DASHContext::segment_type_option

Definition at line 190 of file dashenc.c.

◆ ignore_io_errors

int DASHContext::ignore_io_errors

Definition at line 191 of file dashenc.c.

◆ lhls

int DASHContext::lhls

Definition at line 192 of file dashenc.c.

◆ ldash

int DASHContext::ldash

Definition at line 193 of file dashenc.c.

◆ master_publish_rate

int DASHContext::master_publish_rate

Definition at line 194 of file dashenc.c.

◆ nr_of_streams_to_flush

int DASHContext::nr_of_streams_to_flush

Definition at line 195 of file dashenc.c.

◆ nr_of_streams_flushed

int DASHContext::nr_of_streams_flushed

Definition at line 196 of file dashenc.c.

◆ frag_type

int DASHContext::frag_type

Definition at line 197 of file dashenc.c.

◆ write_prft

int DASHContext::write_prft

Definition at line 198 of file dashenc.c.

◆ max_gop_size

int64_t DASHContext::max_gop_size

Definition at line 199 of file dashenc.c.

◆ max_segment_duration

int64_t DASHContext::max_segment_duration

Definition at line 200 of file dashenc.c.

◆ profile

int DASHContext::profile

Definition at line 201 of file dashenc.c.

◆ target_latency

int64_t DASHContext::target_latency

Definition at line 202 of file dashenc.c.

◆ target_latency_refid

int DASHContext::target_latency_refid

Definition at line 203 of file dashenc.c.

◆ min_playback_rate

AVRational DASHContext::min_playback_rate

Definition at line 204 of file dashenc.c.

◆ max_playback_rate

AVRational DASHContext::max_playback_rate

Definition at line 205 of file dashenc.c.

◆ update_period

int64_t DASHContext::update_period

Definition at line 206 of file dashenc.c.

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