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InputStream Struct Reference

#include <ffmpeg.h>

Data Structures

struct  sub2video

Data Fields

int file_index
int discard
int user_set_discard
int decoding_needed
const AVCodecdec
int64_t start
int64_t next_dts
int64_t dts
 dts of the last packet read for this stream (in AV_TIME_BASE units) More...
int64_t next_pts
 synthetic pts for the next decode frame (in AV_TIME_BASE units) More...
int64_t pts
 current pts of the decoded frame (in AV_TIME_BASE units) More...
int wrap_correction_done
int64_t filter_in_rescale_delta_last
int64_t min_pts
int64_t max_pts
int64_t cfr_next_pts
int64_t nb_samples
double ts_scale
int saw_first_ts
AVRational framerate
int top_field_first
int guess_layout_max
int autorotate
int fix_sub_duration
struct {
   int   got_output
   int   ret
   AVSubtitle   subtitle
struct InputStream::sub2video sub2video
int dr1
InputFilter ** filters
int nb_filters
int reinit_filters
enum HWAccelID hwaccel_id
enum AVHWDeviceType hwaccel_device_type
char * hwaccel_device
enum AVPixelFormat hwaccel_output_format
void * hwaccel_ctx
void(* hwaccel_uninit )(AVCodecContext *s)
int(* hwaccel_get_buffer )(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame, int flags)
int(* hwaccel_retrieve_data )(AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame)
enum AVPixelFormat hwaccel_pix_fmt
enum AVPixelFormat hwaccel_retrieved_pix_fmt
uint64_t data_size
uint64_t nb_packets
uint64_t frames_decoded
uint64_t samples_decoded
int64_t * dts_buffer
int nb_dts_buffer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 300 of file ffmpeg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ file_index

int InputStream::file_index

◆ st

AVStream * InputStream::st

◆ discard

int InputStream::discard

Definition at line 303 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by new_output_stream(), and transcode_init().

◆ user_set_discard

int InputStream::user_set_discard

Definition at line 304 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by new_output_stream(), and opt_map_channel().

◆ decoding_needed

int InputStream::decoding_needed

Definition at line 305 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ dec_ctx

AVCodecContext * InputStream::dec_ctx

Definition at line 309 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by check_keyboard_interaction().

◆ dec

const AVCodec* InputStream::dec

◆ decoded_frame

AVFrame* InputStream::decoded_frame

Definition at line 311 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by decode_audio(), decode_video(), and send_frame_to_filters().

◆ filter_frame

AVFrame* InputStream::filter_frame

Definition at line 312 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ pkt

AVPacket* InputStream::pkt

Definition at line 313 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ start

int64_t InputStream::start

Definition at line 315 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by transcode_init().

◆ next_dts

int64_t InputStream::next_dts

Definition at line 318 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by process_input_packet().

◆ dts

int64_t InputStream::dts

dts of the last packet read for this stream (in AV_TIME_BASE units)

Definition at line 319 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by decode_video().

◆ next_pts

int64_t InputStream::next_pts

synthetic pts for the next decode frame (in AV_TIME_BASE units)

Definition at line 321 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ pts

int64_t InputStream::pts

current pts of the decoded frame (in AV_TIME_BASE units)

Definition at line 322 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ wrap_correction_done

int InputStream::wrap_correction_done

Definition at line 323 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ filter_in_rescale_delta_last

int64_t InputStream::filter_in_rescale_delta_last

Definition at line 325 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ min_pts

int64_t InputStream::min_pts

Definition at line 327 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ max_pts

int64_t InputStream::max_pts

Definition at line 328 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ cfr_next_pts

int64_t InputStream::cfr_next_pts

Definition at line 332 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ nb_samples

int64_t InputStream::nb_samples

Definition at line 334 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ ts_scale

double InputStream::ts_scale

Definition at line 336 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ saw_first_ts

int InputStream::saw_first_ts

Definition at line 337 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ decoder_opts

AVDictionary* InputStream::decoder_opts

Definition at line 338 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ framerate

AVRational InputStream::framerate

Definition at line 339 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ top_field_first

int InputStream::top_field_first

Definition at line 340 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ guess_layout_max

int InputStream::guess_layout_max

Definition at line 341 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ autorotate

int InputStream::autorotate

Definition at line 343 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ fix_sub_duration

int InputStream::fix_sub_duration

Definition at line 345 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ got_output

int InputStream::got_output

◆ ret

int InputStream::ret

Definition at line 348 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ subtitle

AVSubtitle InputStream::subtitle

Definition at line 349 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by transcode_subtitles().

◆ prev_sub

struct { ... } InputStream::prev_sub

Referenced by transcode_subtitles().

◆ sub2video

Referenced by sub2video_heartbeat().

◆ dr1

int InputStream::dr1

Definition at line 361 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ filters

InputFilter** InputStream::filters

Definition at line 365 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by sub2video_heartbeat().

◆ nb_filters

int InputStream::nb_filters

Definition at line 366 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by send_frame_to_filters(), and sub2video_heartbeat().

◆ reinit_filters

int InputStream::reinit_filters

Definition at line 368 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by ifilter_send_frame().

◆ hwaccel_id

enum HWAccelID InputStream::hwaccel_id

Definition at line 371 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_device_type

enum AVHWDeviceType InputStream::hwaccel_device_type

Definition at line 372 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_device

char* InputStream::hwaccel_device

Definition at line 373 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_output_format

enum AVPixelFormat InputStream::hwaccel_output_format

Definition at line 374 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_ctx

void* InputStream::hwaccel_ctx

Definition at line 377 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_uninit

void(* InputStream::hwaccel_uninit) (AVCodecContext *s)

Definition at line 378 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_get_buffer

int(* InputStream::hwaccel_get_buffer) (AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame, int flags)

Definition at line 379 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_retrieve_data

int(* InputStream::hwaccel_retrieve_data) (AVCodecContext *s, AVFrame *frame)

Definition at line 380 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_pix_fmt

enum AVPixelFormat InputStream::hwaccel_pix_fmt

Definition at line 381 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hwaccel_retrieved_pix_fmt

enum AVPixelFormat InputStream::hwaccel_retrieved_pix_fmt

Definition at line 382 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ hw_frames_ctx

AVBufferRef* InputStream::hw_frames_ctx

Definition at line 383 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ data_size

uint64_t InputStream::data_size

Definition at line 387 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by print_final_stats().

◆ nb_packets

uint64_t InputStream::nb_packets

Definition at line 389 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ frames_decoded

uint64_t InputStream::frames_decoded

Definition at line 391 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ samples_decoded

uint64_t InputStream::samples_decoded

Definition at line 392 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ dts_buffer

int64_t* InputStream::dts_buffer

Definition at line 394 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ nb_dts_buffer

int InputStream::nb_dts_buffer

Definition at line 395 of file ffmpeg.h.

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