Data Fields
VVCFrameThread Struct Reference

Data Fields

atomic_int ret
int ctu_size
int ctu_width
int ctu_height
int ctu_count
atomic_int nb_scheduled_tasks
atomic_int nb_scheduled_listeners
int row_progress [VVC_PROGRESS_LAST]
AVMutex lock
AVCond cond

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file thread.c.

Field Documentation

◆ ret

atomic_int VVCFrameThread::ret

Definition at line 85 of file thread.c.

Referenced by ff_vvc_frame_thread_init(), ff_vvc_frame_wait(), and task_run_stage().

◆ rows

VVCRowThread* VVCFrameThread::rows

◆ tasks

VVCTask* VVCFrameThread::tasks

◆ ctu_size

int VVCFrameThread::ctu_size

◆ ctu_width

int VVCFrameThread::ctu_width

◆ ctu_height

int VVCFrameThread::ctu_height

◆ ctu_count

int VVCFrameThread::ctu_count

Definition at line 93 of file thread.c.

Referenced by ff_vvc_frame_thread_init().

◆ nb_scheduled_tasks

atomic_int VVCFrameThread::nb_scheduled_tasks

Definition at line 96 of file thread.c.

Referenced by add_task(), ff_vvc_frame_wait(), and task_run().

◆ nb_scheduled_listeners

atomic_int VVCFrameThread::nb_scheduled_listeners

Definition at line 97 of file thread.c.

Referenced by add_progress_listener(), ff_vvc_frame_wait(), and progress_done().

◆ row_progress

int VVCFrameThread::row_progress[VVC_PROGRESS_LAST]

Definition at line 99 of file thread.c.

Referenced by ff_vvc_frame_thread_init(), and report_frame_progress().

◆ lock

AVMutex VVCFrameThread::lock

◆ cond

AVCond VVCFrameThread::cond

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