Data Fields
VVCPPS Struct Reference

#include <ps.h>

Data Fields

const H266RawPPSr
 RefStruct reference. More...
int8_t chroma_qp_offset [3]
 pps_cb_qp_offset, pps_cr_qp_offset, pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_value More...
int8_t chroma_qp_offset_list [6][3]
 pps_cb_qp_offset_list, pps_cr_qp_offset_list, pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_list More...
uint16_t width
uint16_t height
uint16_t slice_start_offset [VVC_MAX_SLICES]
uint16_t num_ctus_in_slice [VVC_MAX_SLICES]
uint16_t min_cb_width
uint16_t min_cb_height
uint16_t ctb_width
uint16_t ctb_height
uint32_t ctb_count
uint16_t min_pu_width
uint16_t min_pu_height
uint16_t min_tu_width
uint16_t min_tu_height
uint32_t * ctb_addr_in_slice
 CtbAddrInCurrSlice for entire picture. More...
uint16_t * col_bd
 TileColBdVal. More...
uint16_t * row_bd
 TileRowBdVal. More...
uint16_t * ctb_to_col_bd
 CtbToTileColBd. More...
uint16_t * ctb_to_row_bd
 CtbToTileRowBd. More...
uint16_t width32
 width in 32 pixels More...
uint16_t height32
 height in 32 pixels More...
uint16_t width64
 width in 64 pixels More...
uint16_t height64
 height in 64 pixels More...
uint16_t ref_wraparound_offset
 PpsRefWraparoundOffset. More...
uint16_t subpic_x [VVC_MAX_SLICES]
 SubpicLeftBoundaryPos. More...
uint16_t subpic_y [VVC_MAX_SLICES]
 SubpicTopBoundaryPos. More...
uint16_t subpic_width [VVC_MAX_SLICES]
uint16_t subpic_height [VVC_MAX_SLICES]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 92 of file ps.h.

Field Documentation

◆ r

const H266RawPPS* VVCPPS::r

RefStruct reference.

Definition at line 93 of file ps.h.

Referenced by decode_ph(), decode_pps(), ff_vvc_cu_chroma_qp_offset_idx(), set_qp_y(), and sh_derive().

◆ chroma_qp_offset

int8_t VVCPPS::chroma_qp_offset[3]

pps_cb_qp_offset, pps_cr_qp_offset, pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_value

Definition at line 96 of file ps.h.

◆ chroma_qp_offset_list

int8_t VVCPPS::chroma_qp_offset_list[6][3]

pps_cb_qp_offset_list, pps_cr_qp_offset_list, pps_joint_cbcr_qp_offset_list

Definition at line 97 of file ps.h.

◆ width

uint16_t VVCPPS::width

Definition at line 99 of file ps.h.

◆ height

uint16_t VVCPPS::height

Definition at line 100 of file ps.h.

◆ slice_start_offset

uint16_t VVCPPS::slice_start_offset[VVC_MAX_SLICES]

Definition at line 102 of file ps.h.

◆ num_ctus_in_slice

uint16_t VVCPPS::num_ctus_in_slice[VVC_MAX_SLICES]

Definition at line 103 of file ps.h.

◆ min_cb_width

uint16_t VVCPPS::min_cb_width

Definition at line 105 of file ps.h.

◆ min_cb_height

uint16_t VVCPPS::min_cb_height

Definition at line 106 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_width

uint16_t VVCPPS::ctb_width

Definition at line 108 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_height

uint16_t VVCPPS::ctb_height

Definition at line 109 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_count

uint32_t VVCPPS::ctb_count

Definition at line 110 of file ps.h.

◆ min_pu_width

uint16_t VVCPPS::min_pu_width

Definition at line 112 of file ps.h.

◆ min_pu_height

uint16_t VVCPPS::min_pu_height

Definition at line 113 of file ps.h.

◆ min_tu_width

uint16_t VVCPPS::min_tu_width

Definition at line 114 of file ps.h.

◆ min_tu_height

uint16_t VVCPPS::min_tu_height

Definition at line 115 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_addr_in_slice

uint32_t* VVCPPS::ctb_addr_in_slice

CtbAddrInCurrSlice for entire picture.

Definition at line 117 of file ps.h.

◆ col_bd

uint16_t* VVCPPS::col_bd


Definition at line 118 of file ps.h.

◆ row_bd

uint16_t* VVCPPS::row_bd


Definition at line 119 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_to_col_bd

uint16_t* VVCPPS::ctb_to_col_bd


Definition at line 120 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_to_row_bd

uint16_t* VVCPPS::ctb_to_row_bd


Definition at line 121 of file ps.h.

◆ width32

uint16_t VVCPPS::width32

width in 32 pixels

Definition at line 123 of file ps.h.

◆ height32

uint16_t VVCPPS::height32

height in 32 pixels

Definition at line 124 of file ps.h.

◆ width64

uint16_t VVCPPS::width64

width in 64 pixels

Definition at line 125 of file ps.h.

◆ height64

uint16_t VVCPPS::height64

height in 64 pixels

Definition at line 126 of file ps.h.

◆ ref_wraparound_offset

uint16_t VVCPPS::ref_wraparound_offset


Definition at line 128 of file ps.h.

◆ subpic_x

uint16_t VVCPPS::subpic_x[VVC_MAX_SLICES]


Definition at line 130 of file ps.h.

◆ subpic_y

uint16_t VVCPPS::subpic_y[VVC_MAX_SLICES]


Definition at line 131 of file ps.h.

◆ subpic_width

uint16_t VVCPPS::subpic_width[VVC_MAX_SLICES]

Definition at line 132 of file ps.h.

◆ subpic_height

uint16_t VVCPPS::subpic_height[VVC_MAX_SLICES]

Definition at line 133 of file ps.h.

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