Data Fields
libx265Context Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
x265_encoder * encoder
x265_param * params
const x265_api * api
float crf
int cqp
int forced_idr
char * preset
char * tune
char * profile
void * sei_data
int sei_data_size
int udu_sei
int a53_cc
int nb_rd
int roi_warned
 If the encoder does not support ROI then warn the first time we encounter a frame with ROI side data. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file libx265.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* libx265Context::class

Definition at line 57 of file libx265.c.

◆ encoder

x265_encoder* libx265Context::encoder

Definition at line 59 of file libx265.c.

◆ params

x265_param* libx265Context::params

Definition at line 60 of file libx265.c.

◆ api

const x265_api* libx265Context::api

Definition at line 61 of file libx265.c.

◆ crf

float libx265Context::crf

Definition at line 63 of file libx265.c.

◆ cqp

int libx265Context::cqp

Definition at line 64 of file libx265.c.

◆ forced_idr

int libx265Context::forced_idr

Definition at line 65 of file libx265.c.

◆ preset

char* libx265Context::preset

Definition at line 66 of file libx265.c.

◆ tune

char* libx265Context::tune

Definition at line 67 of file libx265.c.

◆ profile

char* libx265Context::profile

Definition at line 68 of file libx265.c.

◆ x265_opts

AVDictionary* libx265Context::x265_opts

Definition at line 69 of file libx265.c.

◆ sei_data

void* libx265Context::sei_data

Definition at line 71 of file libx265.c.

◆ sei_data_size

int libx265Context::sei_data_size

Definition at line 72 of file libx265.c.

◆ udu_sei

int libx265Context::udu_sei

Definition at line 73 of file libx265.c.

◆ a53_cc

int libx265Context::a53_cc

Definition at line 74 of file libx265.c.

◆ rd

ReorderedData* libx265Context::rd

Definition at line 76 of file libx265.c.

◆ nb_rd

int libx265Context::nb_rd

Definition at line 77 of file libx265.c.

◆ roi_warned

int libx265Context::roi_warned

If the encoder does not support ROI then warn the first time we encounter a frame with ROI side data.

Definition at line 83 of file libx265.c.

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