[FFmpeg-devel] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 04:40:59 CEST 2014


On 9 August 2014 11:57, wm4 <nfxjfg at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Aug 2014 11:46:40 +1000
> Off-topic, but: it might be easier nowadays?
> The strangest things that are not even related to video decoding are
> getting merged - surely it's possible to merge things such as teletext.

In all honesty, we spent months trying to get our changes merge over
the course of 10+ years... There's unfortunately a time where one
gives up.

This is the core reason why we started to maintain our own fork.

We have now limited our changes to the bare minimum, and things have
diverged greatly since. Backporting our changes to our mpegts demuxer
would be significant work. And unfortunately, we are all very time
constrained these days (and me even more so as I've started a new job
at Mozilla)

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