[FFmpeg-devel] Invitation to VDD and registration

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Sat Aug 16 16:27:21 CEST 2014

On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 02:36:00PM +0100, Kieran Kunhya wrote:
> Whether you like it or not these problems are social issues (cf VDD11)
> and they will require a social solution. You are the blocking factor
> and everyone knows it and we say it every VDD.

I'm too lazy to make a long mail to share my point on the subject, so I'll just
leave that here, I hope no one mind:

<@ubitux> kierank: i doubt michael going to a vdd or something will actually make any positive change
<@ubitux> i'm sure you'd love to have an oral fight, but it makes very little sense 
<@ubitux> libav people are very used to such thing (they are basically the people who represented ffmpeg in the past in real-life meetings)
<@ubitux> and even if you have the best neutral mediator in the fight, it makes no difference
<@ubitux> people not comfortable with "the oral medium" don't stand a chance, at all
<@ubitux> and even if it's the case, absolutely no additional information will be transmitted
<@ubitux> and only "feelings" will be remembered from that talk
<@ubitux> like "lol <X> totally clashed <Y>", "it was an awesome discussion" or stuff like that
<@ubitux> on a personnal note, real life meetings are boring as hell, and IMO never actually helped much
<@ubitux> the only benefits i see to such things are: put faces on nicknames, and communicate with corp who are too clumsy (or whatever reason) to use IRC or mails
<+nevcairiel> most people that insist on them are those that know that they are more experienced and comfortable with them, and hope to win the argument that way
<@ubitux> and used it as an argument later "we made monty admit ogg sucks IRL!!"
<@ubitux> without any actual trace of anything
<@kurosu_> Michael attending would be a good thing, but he would already have if he hadn't a major issue with it
<@kurosu_> What if he is agoraphobic or anything that would make such a public event an actual pain to him ?
<@ubitux> you don't need to have social anxiety for seeing only threat in going to such place
<@kurosu_> He may also *not* want to speak about it
<@ubitux> real life is the land of hypocrisy ;)
<@kurosu_> yeah, I'm just stating that people are trying to get him to come, while his absence is not a ploy/laziness but a much more serious issue
<@kurosu_> *may not be
<@kurosu_> kierank, BBB: not blaming you at all for suggesting this, but please consider that other viewpoint (potentially rhetorical)
<@ubitux> libav banned him from irc & mails to avoid the most they can any communication with him
<+nevcairiel> i smiled at the comment in the mail thread about chatting happily until a certain libav developer came around
<@ubitux> it's obvious that requesting for a real-life meeting is interpreted as a ploy
<@ubitux> nevcairiel: hahaha i actually was there at that time
<@ubitux> i didn't really understood why people suddenly stopped talking first, but then as i really love awkward situation like this i made sure to stay silent
<@kurosu_> handling conflict face-to-face is difficult
<@ubitux> what kierank suggest is probably in the spirit of smoothing relationship with random talks
<@ubitux> but it's really boring as hell and makes absolutely no difference on the technical matters
<@ubitux> and for people who only care about that, it's an insane waste of time

This is extracted from #ffmpeg-devel log from Aug 13 2014

People with social issues such that they can't have a technical discussion
should just get over it, or use any group therapy they want. What matters for a
project and its users is the technical argument.  It shouldn't come as a
surprise that a leader prioritizes this over anything else. The social aspect
should IMO not overlap over the technical one.

Social people not having any empathy for non-social ones really is a joke.

Clément B.
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