[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] configure: Add user options to enable gcrypt/gmp for rtmp(t)e support.

Ricardo Constantino wiiaboo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 17:48:30 CET 2015

>+  --enable-gcrypt          enable gmp, needed for rtmp(t)e support
>+                           if openssl, librtmp or gmp is not used [no]

Probably meant "enable gcrypt" there?

On 21 November 2015 at 15:28, Matt Oliver <protogonoi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Adding rtmp(t)e support when not using openssl or librtmp uses either gmp
> or gcrypt to implement the required Diffie-Hellmann code. Since this code
> can be compiled using either gmp or gcrypt a command line option to
> enable/disable either of those libs needs to be provided.
> Currently configure seems to enable both gmp and gcrypt if gnutls is
> enabled (line 5476) with no user visible option to disable this behavior
> (or atleast to select which of the external libs should be used). Currently
> if both dependencies are available then both will be automatically linked
> despite only 1 being used and this behavior doesnt appear to be visible to
> the user. It also appears to be just plain wrong as gmp is used by default
> over gcrypt despite gmp being LGPL v3 (gcrypt and gnutls are v2.1) and it
> is not checking if version 3 is enabled. So currently a v3 lib is being
> stealth linked without version3 being enabled or any user input/output.
> This is also currently only done when using gnutls for other rtmp
> operations which means that when not using gnutls (i.e. the recently added
> schannels) there is no user visible way to enable the rtmp(t)e support.
> This patch fixes the above by making both gmp/gcrypt an user visible option
> and removing the code that automatically enables their usage only when
> using gnutls.
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