[FFmpeg-devel] Include more developers in the voting committee [#3]

Ronald S. Bultje rsbultje at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 13:50:33 CET 2015


On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 6:21 AM, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>

> Hi all
> Heres another suggested addition to the voting committee, i omitted
> the "[DECISSION]" from the subject as IIUC nicolas suggested to do it
> in a 2 step process, first check if anyone was missed and then do a
> actual [DECISSION] vote mail
> I suggest to add people who do/did admin/provide ffmpeg infrastructure
> within the last year.
> Alexander Strasser      most of the trac maintaince, lots of work in
>                         the last server move
> Baptiste Coudurier      (fate.ffmpeg.org server)
> Clément Bœsch           ffbox0 (he is already in the comittee)
> Compn                   all kinds of things all over the place, from
>                         helping users here to helping there, to being
>                         ML admin backup, ...
> Fabrice Bellard         Project founder, ffmpeg.org name owner, without
>                         him there would be no FFmpeg
> ifj Gereoffy Arpad      the .hu servers we used forever and current
> secondary DNS
> Jean-Baptiste Kempf     our git and incoming ftp
> Kieran Kunhya           (trac.ffmpeg.org server)
> Lou Logan               (already in the comittee)
> Nikolay Aleksandrov     ffbox1, seting up VMs on ffbox1, other ->ffbox1
> copiing work
> Reimar Döffinger        (already in the comittee)
> Roberto Togni           some work moving away from .hu, providing
> secondary DNS
> Tim Nicholson           mail stuff, spam filtering
> if i forgot someone who did significant infrastructure related work
> in the last year please add them to the list
> I intend to in 1-2 weeks or so to post a DECISSION mail with the list
> (probably later as ill forget again) and then everyone can vote on
> the list

Just like we don't add any drive-by patch author, we should not add any
drive-by infrastructure provider. We should only add these that provided
significant infrastructure for significant amounts of time, specifically
targetted at FFmpeg.

Quote from me on IRC:
<BBB> I have to admit, I feel somewhat uncomfortable giving voting rights
to some people that are really not involved with ffmpeg development at all
<BBB> (or ffmpeg at all, for that matter)
<BBB> people that manage our infrastructure should get voting rights,
there’s little doubt about that, but people that manage other
infrastructure and just happen to stuff a bit of ffmpeg in there also, and
that’s their only involvement, I have reservations about that
<BBB> as valuable as it is, that does not make you part of a core voting
committee, IMHO

As such, "setting up secondary DNS" probably does not meet this bar. I also
object to Fabrice, he has not been actively involved for >10 years. The
committee is for active developers.


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